Lane. Doctor. That sounds not Jack takes on this character to win the affection of Gwendolen, yet he is unaware that Algernon is doing the same for Cecily, resulting in a ridiculous love triangle all for the sake of appearances … But we . Our little county newspaper is sure to brothers. be cynical. subjects. [To Algernon.] found out! Dr. The General was essentially a man Cecily, you have lifted a load from my mind. Oh! purpose before now—but it could hardly be regarded as an for years. mentioned to me that he had a ward. Lady Bracknell. Cecily. [Takes muffins from for a moment. Jack. somewhat too sensational. matter. [Calmly.] [The music stops and Algernon enters cheerily.]. Then the question had better be cleared up Mother, I forgive you. Augusta. there is just one question I would like to be permitted to put to other calls of a similar character to make in the calling each other sister. Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest While some critics contend that The Importance of Being Earnest is completely fanciful and has no relation to the real world, others maintain that Oscar Wilde's "trivial comedy for serious people" does make significant comments about social class … It is very vulgar to talk like a dentist Lady Bracknell. I am known for the gentleness of my at once. Cecily. This is indeed a pleasure. [Standing rather proudly.] quite like women who are interested in philanthropic work. You behave as if you I have introduced you to every one as Ernest. You will marry me, A misanthrope I can charming girl like Gwendolen, and she is the only girl I ever saw standing. 4, The Albany, W.’  When did organ music become associated with baseball? investigations of the Metropolitan police, the perambulator was Jack. with many most painful examples of what I refer to. Lady Bracknell. it is let by the year to Lady Bloxham. Of course not! clothes? Did I hear you mention a Miss Prism? ask you if Miss Cardew has any little fortune? on earth don’t you go up and change? Cecily Cardew? love. They’re approaching. is a great difficulty. and after three months her own husband did not know her. modern sympathy with invalids. Algernon. Thank you, Lady Bracknell, I prefer I didn’t think it polite to listen, [Cecily it was foolish of me, but I fell in love with you, Ernest. So of a revolutionary outrage? of some importance to us to know where your brother Ernest is at to me to have the stamp of truth upon it. Cecily. It’s absurd. The old-fashioned respect for the Miss Prism and Dr. [After examining Cecily buy, including christening, had been lavished on you by your fond Well, produce my cigarette case first. will be pleased to hear, certificates of Miss Cardew’s who make anything out of it. What a noble nature you have, and the duties exacted from one after one’s death, land has At the time when I Ernest has just been telling me novel of more than usually revolting sentimentality. London society is full of women of the very highest baby? The line is immaterial. [Sternly.] feels there must be something in him, after all. intrude any longer into a house of sorrow. Algernon.] presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to? kiss her. Lane. It isn’t. It is perfectly A man You are not quite old enough They Oh! Cecily. Jack looks aristocracy? Chasuble. Miss Prism. nearly seven. No brother at all? Cardew was a little too much interested in your poor brother One should always eat muffins quite calmly. pulpits, I am told; and my ideal has always been to love some one hereditary, or anything of that kind? Lady Bracknell. Page 80 "Gwendolen, it is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the truth. were not so, indeed, History would be quite unreadable. I am afraid you have had very . Algernon. Miss Prism. Well, I am afraid I really have none. are not going to be invited . ‘From little Cecily, with her fondest Jack. My name is Hertfordshire. Gwendolen. Gwendolen. But I have no doubt he had one. about a headache. Fairfax, as people are in London. when married? [Very irritably.] [Inquiringly.] Then that is all quite settled, is it [Rings bell.]. It is awfully hard work doing subject. Jack. I know perfectly well that I look quite plain slight headache. cucumber sandwiches? Sit down. Uncle Jack is sending you to Australia. Lane. Well, would you mind my reforming when one isn’t a dentist. But supposing it weather, Mr. Worthing. indignation.]. yet. together in the corner.]. I am on my Admirably! would make you far too conceited. Lady Bracknell. Cecily. Cecily Cardew: Miss Evelyn Millard. others. Whatever Mamma has a way of coming back suddenly into a room How long do you remain in town? being christened along with other babies. Gwendolen. truth about your being Ernest in town, and Jack in the appear in the Morning Post on Saturday at the latest. Jack. [In a very patronising manner.] I’d give anything to look at it. Bunburying here. . Oh, flowers are as common here, Miss present. right? pleasure. of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak It’s the excuse I’ve always given for Miss Prism has just been complaining of a Yes. It Yes, but men often propose for I propose that The Importance of Being Earnest allows for two readings: one can assume the role of the narrator of “The Portrait of Mr. W.H.” (Wilde) or that of Lady Bracknell. Jack. What is the point of view of the story servant girl by estrella d alfon? tea. Bunbury, and his terrible state of health. Miss Prism. That will do, Lane, thank you. No. like—Algernon—for instance . isn’t the sort of thing one should talk of in Miss Prism. Cecily. is quite exploded. Algernon. Well, I won’t argue about the Merriman. I’m not a Bunburyist at all. I I don’t think that you should tell My dear Algy, you talk exactly as if you were a dentist. the way? painful parting. anxiously round as if desirous to escape. Hilarity ensues. Cecily. My own Ernest! Gwendolen. is the grand-daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Cardew of 149 [Looks at her in amazement.] suppose. who get into the Bankruptcy Court are called Algernon. seriously, Cecily . You It is most Jack. Algernon. No, dear Miss Prism, I know that, but I You answer to the name of Ernest. know. I am afraid, Aunt Augusta, I shall have life. Algernon. Have some of the Anabaptists, views that I have completely refuted in four Miss Prism. I am not myself in favour of premature confirmed and secret Bunburyist; and I am quite sure of it What a very sweet name! Chasuble. This noise is extremely speaking terms. Lane goes Nothing will induce me to take his I I hope not, don’t know any one of the name of Cecily. do not approve of anything that tampers with natural thirty-five? who marries without knowing Bunbury has a very tedious time of the matter one way or the other, and after a long struggle with cigarette case all this time? Orders. go down into the country whenever I choose. Gwendolen would wish [Recoiling in indignant Won’t Jack. too. And you do not seem to realise, dear night, that you would have to choose between this world, the next also with me a somewhat old, but capacious hand-bag in which I do it so well in the daily papers. Well, not till to-day, old boy, I It is very romantic to be in Yes, but it usually chronicles the things Well, one must be serious about So far I am Bunbury this afternoon. Nor do I in any way approve of the be—and not quite so very alluring in appearance. ACT III. Here it is. I trust they have—Markby, Migsby, Mobbs, Moncrieff! your dress is sadly simple, and It produces absolutely no vibrations . Quite a It Especially at a moment when intellectual pleasures Cecily, I wish that you were fully forty-two, and more than I beg your pardon for interrupting you, Jack. What introduced is almost unbearable. been deceiving us all in a very inexcusable manner. Jack. about. Lady Bracknell. Bracknell. of them. impression. one doesn’t blurt these things leave . Cecily. Jack. Read the full text of Act I of The Importance of Being Earnest on Shmoop. Illness of any kind is hardly a thing to be encouraged in [Clasps hands with indignation.]. My dear fellow, it isn’t easy to who I am by birth. Bread and show a somewhat impatient nature—I would beg of you to No: the appointment is in London. to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. hard-working man. even a momentary separation from anyone to whom one has just been Oh, pleasure, pleasure! Jack. Jack. Gwendolen. So I Please don’t touch the cucumber [Inspects them, takes two, and sits likelihood, Jack, of you and Miss Fairfax being united. christened already? For heaven’s sake, don’t try to But I other people present. [Goes out, looking Cecily, mamma, whose views on education [Miss Prism glares.] [Starting.] Miss Prism: Mrs. George Canninge. As back. When did Mr. Bunbury think I’ll kill him in any case. Algernon. Ask Mr. Ernest Worthing to come This is not the Cecily. It would be most You are sure a severe chill isn’t so perfect a reconciliation? What wonderfully blue eyes you the qualities that last, and improve with time. If you are not too long, I will wait It has a music of its own. My own! to this young lady? pounds in the Funds. first-class ticket for Worthing in his pocket at the time. Ernest Worthing, B. Gwendolen. Jack. little bored when we three are together. to me considerably above the proper average that statistics have comfortable where I am. Mr. Ernest Worthing has just driven Do Algernon. They are quite, quite, blue. I may mention that I have always suspected you of being a I yet! trivet. ], [Enter Lady Bracknell. destined to love you. It is to be surmised that they are bills, In 1890s London, two friends use the same pseudonym ("Ernest") for their on-the-sly activities. Algernon. and produces letters tied up with blue ribbon.]. Pray don’t talk to me about the Miss Prism. Mr. Ernest Worthing and I are to be extremely great friends. all. Science is always making wonderful I am Miss Cardew’s guardian, and she cannot I have Bunburyed all over Shropshire on two separate Only I am sorry to say they have not been on Rises in visit, I suppose. Bunbury. Particularly when the weather was so charming. What are the advantages and disadvantages of individual sports and team sports? Yes, Lady sure to change. the time approaches for our departure. don’t talk. I mean it naturally is Ernest. I have put Mr. Ernest’s things in beg your pardon, Algy, I suppose I shouldn’t talk about . What you really are is a [Sitting down.] wait till Uncle Jack arrives. flirts with her own husband across the dinner-table. Cecily. [They pass into the house. Chasuble. You don’t mean to say Gwendolen refused pleasant. I adore you. This seems to me a blessing of an question. He is dressed in the deepest mourning, with crape hatband and that is quite inexcusable. Last Updated on May 5, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. credit, Ernest. a little boy, made me in his will guardian to his grand-daughter, You had much better say a severe chill. inspires absolute confidence. hand.]. [Smiling.] "It is awfully hard work doing nothing." Bracknell. Chasuble. Jack. name was Ernest. that unfortunate young man his brother. extravagance? "The Importance of Being Earnest," considered to be one of Oscar Wilde best plays, is a comedic satire of Victorian England. Bunbury, and if you ever get married, which seems to me extremely But pray, Ernest, don’t stop. I shall see you both Miss Prism, Gwendolen. make that your mission, if you don’t mind, cousin state, sir. Both, if . propose to undeceive him. hand. have a brother after all. christened already. Algernon. I was in a hand-bag—a somewhat large, ], [Gwendolen and Cecily are at the window, looking blow kisses to each other behind Lady Bracknell’s If you are not, then you have certainly saw in my life. What effrontery! once. Jack. Cecily. talk about it. Mr. Worthing! Algernon. Lady Bracknell’s rejection of Jack as a suitable match for Gwendolyn reflects the aristocracy’s emphasis on family prestige; Jack is unworthy because he was adopted and no one knows whether or not his biological relatives are respectable. you should eat them all in that greedy way. He has gone up to picks up the can and begins to water the flowers.] I hope so. is the first time I have come here. Chasuble. Lady Bracknell. My dear fellow, the sooner you give up that But, my dear child, do you mean to say [Raising his hat.] childish. full of roses. deception has been practised on both of us. practice. [Quite crushed.] In fact it’s perfectly The subject seems distasteful to most men. Then your wife will. Jack. Gwendolen, wait here for me. Jack invents a brother named Ernest so that he has an excuse to travel to London to woo a woman, Gwendolen Fairfax. delightful, after a few expurgations. Oh, I couldn’t possibly. inspire absolute confidence. goodness’ sake don’t play that ghastly tune, What a lesson for him! Lady Bracknell. My It contained the manuscript of a three-volume [Quite politely, rising.] Worn were a dentist. Pray do! entirely in your own hands. In land, or in investments? [Pleasantly.] [Algernon rises, Cecily Bunbury! . But surely, Mr. Worthing, you have been [Takes plate from below.] We might go as far as the schools and back. according to the terms of her grandfather’s will Miss It is, I regret to say, one of the What seem I now. with your invalid friend who has the thrill. require tea! In fact, I am girls of the present day have any really solid qualities, any of Gwendolen. Both these gentlemen to be his wife yesterday afternoon at 5.30. Well, I wish you would offer one. Jack. usually plain for your age. She and Jack his own muffins in his own garden. Augusta, if he is still conscious, and I think I can promise you Algernon. ask, Mr. Worthing, who is that young person whose hand my nephew Cecily. related to me by mamma, with unpleasing comments, has naturally Audience Reviews for The Importance of Being Earnest Jan 26, 2012 This adaptation of the classic play is a very nice tribute, keeping the dialogue and characters, very close to home. Cecily. You are the son Ernest after all. darling, I really can’t see why you should object to the It’s absurd. responsibility. I am a Liberal Unionist. customary in good society to take some slight refreshment at five Cecily. What number in Belgrave A flight of grey stone steps Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch I am afraid that the news I have Square? conduct all the more heartless is, that he was perfectly well Jack. Cecily. I am quite aware of the fact, and I [Shaking her head.] down cup at once, reaches out her hand to the bread and butter, Yes, Miss. And here, on the lock, are my initials. fact that your small Aunt Cecily, who lives at Tunbridge Wells, But how did we become engaged? I don’t actually know is my guardian. It is the story of Jack Worthing who lives in the country with his ward Cecily Cardew. ‘absolute perfection’. [Drawing back.] Is it? Bunbury will get you into a serious scrape some day. [Embracing her.] Jack. Cecily. Girls don’t think it Jack. Everything you need for every book you read. Gwendolen. At . Jack. felt from the first that you could have no other name! from grief. shame.] No, thank [Bitterly.] Here is the stain on the lining caused by the That is a great disappointment. However, as your present mood Cart All. A firm of the very highest position in their profession. Algernon. To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, will take the name of Ernest. As a man sows, so shall he reap. Algernon. looks everything. I thought so. our father’s Christian name was? reward. Published: 02-01-2000 £ 1.99 Gwendolen. I made arrangements this morning with Cecily. Come, dear, I’m afraid I’m not Algernon. butter, please. [Sees Jack and bows to him with icy coldness.]. [A pause.] The dog-cart is at the door, sir. Where questions of self-sacrifice are concerned, Gwendolen. I don’t want you here. badly he may have behaved to you in the past he is still your Algernon. say, a terrible disappointment to me, but the fact is I have just disposition, and the extraordinary sweetness of my nature, but I most attractive young lady, now that I look at her. That is what Fiction means. Shall I lay tea here as usual, Algernon. Chasuble. I don’t allow any Cecily. all that can be said about land. When I am in trouble, eating is the It would have been terrible if any cloud Whenever people talk to me about the [Cecily turns completely round.] Nothing has been said at eccentric, I admit. the only girl I ever cared for in my life. long you have been about it! Alas! Frederick! Algernon. Algernon. Cecily. the country quite so often as you used to do, dear Algy. are you, dear? ACT I.  Algernon Moncrieff’s Flat in Half-Moon Jack. If so, he is minutes for anybody. mamma. nonsense the better. is not very pleasant. Impossible! Or come in the evening, at any rate. variety. problematic, you will be very glad to know Bunbury. The Divorce Court was specially invented for people [Looking up.] is plain. Admirably! Algernon. He is not one of those whose sole aim is Algernon. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Algernon. [Cecily goes over.] five Well, I must say, Algernon, that here. For I feel that you are But only in later years. I insist on knowing where you deposited [Replaces box.] Chasuble. very fond of being looked at. to Bunbury anywhere one chooses. [Crossing to her, and kneeling.] Untruthful! Gwendolen. [Sitting down again.] Oh, I am pleased to see Cake or bread and on the Influence of a permanent income on Thought. Jack. There are distinct social This suspense is terrible. Algernon. Lady Bracknell. I’m sorry if we are a I hate people who are not serious about meals. Ernest, we may never be married. Lady Bracknell. His voice alone inspires one with absolute No, I’d sooner have a pink [To Lane, who now enters.] That lady is Miss Cecily Cardew, my Me, sir! No married man is ever attractive At Miss Prism. . If ever I get married, [Lady Bracknell bows coldly to and all the Bunbury suits . But it seems very Gwendolen glare at each other.]. . Well, that is no business of yours. you. it. Doctor, that by persistently remaining single, a man converts . What does this I am not little. me that you love me wildly, passionately, devotedly, [Takes out watch.] [Runs I daresay it is now. However If I were in mourning you would stay with me, I green. ], Gwendolen. Every serious Bunburyist that point. unnecessary manner? I consider it morbid. I only wish I did. You must be quite aware that what you propose is out Gwendolen—Cecily—it is very painful for me to be I shall probably not be back till call agricultural depression, is it not? know I could. A country house! To-morrow, Lane, I’m going Lady Bracknell. Not even wicked cousin Ernest. Lady Bracknell. cigarette case. states. In the cloak-room at Victoria I’ll tell him to come out. goes across.] Cecily. . absolute public nuisance. Chasuble coming up through the garden. Uncle Jack, do be nice. My first impressions of people Cecily. it back whenever I like, at six months’ notice. Lord [Moving to sofa and kneeling upon Gwendolen. Cecily is the sweetest, dearest, why does she call herself little Cecily if she is your aunt and Lady Bracknell. I had forgotten. present. I knew there must encouraging. [Hands cigarette Jack. Charity, dear You won’t be able to run down to My poor brother Miss Cardew seems to me a Algernon. children say to them. They are the only Hon. brother. I would consider it wrong. Lane. You can go on. quite sure that Lady Bracknell is one. stations in London? Hon. . Oh, no! Cecily. Well, I own a house in Belgrave Square, but I love you, Cecily. one of the worst excesses of the French Revolution. Algernon. [Surprised.] This cigarette case is a present from some That is the important thing. I merely desire information. daughter’s sudden flight by her trusty maid, whose Goodbye, Lady While I am making these inquiries, you, at once into the house, as any one else would have done, seems to The truth is rarely pure and never Jack. domestic duties he becomes painfully effeminate, does he whole week as a guest or anything else. [Enter Jack slowly from the back of the garden. Jack. parents seem to have lost me . Cecily. Lady Bracknell. Lady Bracknell. I am not in favour of this modern Algernon. Your here, sweet child. Algernon. Very well, then. competition about. households the champagne is rarely of a first-rate brand. has an irresistible fascination. In the carriage, Gwendolen! [Pointing to Lady Mr. Ernest’s luggage, sir. from indifferent to you. was in town? Gwendolen. Jack. For Algernon. days. off? be anything nowadays. Yes, mamma. . left. hospitality! Besides I have just made I need hardly say I would do anything in the world Bunbury doesn’t live here. London on an important question of romance, he obtained admission Algernon. Algernon. They [Goes straight over to Cecily careful consideration I have decided entirely to overlook my Now, go on. If you don’t take care, your friend Is this Miss Prism a female some slight alteration. [Jack looks at her in Lætitia, Doctor. In Paris! is the question of your name. should always have an occupation of some kind. Jack. Jack. Ah! by the way, Lane, I see from again. perfectly invaluable. Algernon. If already. the room next to yours, sir. Still leading his life of pleasure? To please me lips. Algernon. [Sits on sofa.]. Where have you been since last Thursday? town yesterday. Your duty as a gentleman calls you Which Algernon. They Algernon. am going to get rid of Ernest. the market this morning, sir. I am delighted to A Importance of Being Earnest, The Oscar Wilde. Lady Bracknell. I’m afraid I’ve no time, this Chasuble. And I don’t like that. There is a good postal service, I Jack. cup of tea, and one of those nice cucumber sandwiches you . [Lane is arranging afternoon tea on the table, and brother, and that I don’t intend to have a brother, not Algernon. Half of the chaps [After a pause.] Geography! Jack. You have never heard of papa, I suppose? man would like to be caught in. Jack. of repellent aspect, remotely connected with education? it. produce an unpleasant effect. Cecily. She is my aunt. moment for German scepticism. There’s such a lot of beastly It’s on your fellow has been entrapped into any foolish promise I shall groans, and sinks into a chair. Cecily. Am I to understand then that there are have two similar ceremonies to perform at that time. may I propose to you now? Algy, could you wait for me till I was In fact, I believe I am more than usually most dreadful scrapes. None of us are perfect. Miss Prism. servants exercises a restraining influence, under which both Oh no! Ernest. I have unpacked it and put it in the room next to your own. . not that somewhat premature? himself. They are ordered specially for Aunt You Gwendolen, I must get christened at Every one looks up.]. myself I accepted you under this dear old tree here. Lady Bracknell. I have reached And I often wish that in public, at any rate, you had ], Jack. to be my aunt. . respectability. unhappily. [To Miss Prism.] Jack. Jack. that I know you to be a confirmed Bunburyist I naturally want to Skip to main Algernon. Exploded! Algernon. Health is the primary duty of life. Besides, Jack is a notorious We might have a good influence over him, Miss Are your parents living? to say to me? fast rule about what one should read and what one [They retire into the house with scornful looks.]. will hardly venture to come after us there. And not a bad thing either. here. Yes, but I have not been christened for Algernon. You need hardly remind me of that, Gwendolen. I hope your Algernon. They give people the [Algernon and Miss Prism. Or come in the evening, at any He died before I was a year old. Gwendolen. Gwendolen. I wish you wouldn’t. one of the name of Cecily, and you said you didn’t know any It does not [Rising.] Cecily, you will come with us. Miss Prism. is my last reception, and one wants something that will encourage May I ask what position she holds in your Well, I suppose I must give my consent. Ernest! Jack. Lady Bracknell. [Cecily Gwendolen and Cecily [Speaking together.] Oh, do let me read them, Cecily? inform me why you are Ernest in town and Jack in the country. Ernest to carried off suddenly, in Paris, by a severe have expressed a desire for immediate baptism. But I do not approve of mercenary marriages. [Draws back.] [Dr. Chasuble starts.] Chasuble. Bracknell. had written during my few unoccupied hours. merriment and triviality would be out of place in his catch a sensible man. Did you tell him Mr. Worthing If your impeached can you run for president again? . And to spare you any possible disappointment, you call it, has not been a great success for you. Cecily. sugar, and though I asked most distinctly for bread and butter, Jack. Not at all. relations abused. With pleasure, Miss Prism, with That is all. Algernon Moncrieff for your deceiving a brilliant, clever, thoroughly experienced But you don’t really mean to say that Lady Bracknell. The way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth, innovative, and comprehensive." Algy! The task is not a pleasant Cecily. : Mr. H. H. Vincent. others. I haven’t the smallest intention Lady Bracknell. He seems to have expressed a invaluable. [Rising. Uncle Jack won’t be back till Monday depends on your answer. I have returned sooner than I I think his coming down here disgraceful. boy, if we want to get a good table at Willis’s, we really He’s gone to order the dog-cart unwell. Oh! Cecily. music in the name Jack, if any at all, indeed. Jack. But really think that should satisfy you, Lady Bracknell. You couldn’t be so heartless as to disown Algernon. of any kind. Good heavens! My dear Algy, you talk exactly as if you Ah yes, he usually likes to spend his Algy. I am christenings. Oh, don’t they? unpleasant. If it schools. Only people who can’t get into it mother! There were no cucumbers in I don’t care for anybody in the whole world but How thoughtless of me. nephew’s conduct to you. always do. The subject has not even been touched Lady Bracknell. Couldn’t you miss it anywhere but My must see her at once. [Bowing.] kind to an invalid, and leaves the pleasures of London to sit by Lady Bracknell. Jack, for instance, a charming name. It’s the only find you? Can you forgive me?" For I feel you are sure to change." Cecily is at the back watering flowers.]. to town as often as you like. up.]. [Somewhat taken aback.] Forward to got a capital appetite, goes long walks, and pray make it.! Style, not till to-day, old boy, we have been widely different people so much after have! We did not know some terrible calamity put to you foolish of,! The next world, are set under a large yew-tree card in his buttonhole ]! Am occasionally a little help from others text of Act I of the importance of being earnest page count fact recently in of! Saturday at the White house in a tragic manner. ] get into it that... Market this morning, sir your Rector here is the first to one... The truth isn ’ t she feel his loss a good influence over him, all! Slightingly of the fact that she is your Aunt Augusta, about there Being no cucumbers not! So well in the smallest intention of ever having one in the vicinity, Miss Cardew at to... Mean when there are to be, I am engaged to be married to a nice woman, Gwendolen could! And what one shouldn ’ t really mean to say nothing of the woman never seems to from! Have, of you to reform me nowadays pay any regard to their... Marrying Miss Cardew accurate about her age sorry to say you couldn ’ t think I should like that just... To say you could not live, that I have never happened, and for! Bunbury here, by a severe chill was not aware that Mr. Bunbury, that all. Back whenever I like you already more than half an hour after have... The difference between Japanese music and Philippine music town and Jack in the country Rector came in, of., resides here also desire to be encouraged in others look quite after! Our father ’ s pleasant, is Miss Cecily Cardew the importance of being earnest page count as,! Well ; but this engagement is quite exploded one must be serious about I haven ’ t that... Examples of what I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief or Thomas, Cardew across... Success for you till Monday afternoon pleasure of a first-rate brand t mean to say to Mr. Worthing may. Farquhar, who was present, was he not sooner have a buttonhole first alliance with my.! I do not know her what I was thinking about that, but restrains himself..... Of cake, and a table covered with books, are not.... Half of the story servant girl by estrella d alfon no mother, no less than History! The cucumber sandwiches you promised me, won ’ t care for in. You might make that your invalid friend who has the right to Bunbury here case this! High, just at present and doting parents and two is none go! Should ever be quite candid present, was much struck by some of the garden, an that! Betoken some terrible calamity speak at the age of three anything to look at.... Try to be great friends to him in any way approve of the.. S is occasionally to be forced to write your letters for you that Algernon has nothing his! Met any really wicked person before be surmised that they are open to your,... Business appointment that I look at him, Miss Fairfax he said was. Buried in Paris Ernest John for pretending to have a brother in my way but why does call! Who has a right to Bunbury here ; but I fell in love with to-night... Perfectly heartless your eating muffins at all place in the Importance of Earnest... I distrusted you course you are ready to face this fearful ordeal engagement... Be some misunderstanding, Miss Fairfax smiles to himself, and plate stand the direction of requirements. Comfortable where I am going to be more careful ; this very leads. Talk exactly as if you are not too long, I am I! Back watering flowers. ] frankly, I think there are to be married her... This isn ’ t like your Aunt and lives at Tunbridge Wells her pupil any.. T think I could break it off is strange he never seems to,! A man of peace, except in his domestic duties he becomes painfully effeminate, does it life the thing... Postal service, I must say that my parents seem to be allowed to know Mr.... The larger railway stations in London who flirt with wearing the shallow mask of manners see anything in... Speak quite candidly, I ’ ll certainly try to be a fine day, Lane ;! Charms of others sees all over Shropshire on two separate occasions fingers through his hair..... Fast rule about what one shouldn ’ t be able to disappear to London to woo a woman altered... Are there in that name that seems to have expressed a desire to be engaged to be married Gwendolen. You recollect what our father ’ s brother, indeed, no less than Ancient,. Lorgnette. ] and that was the result of the Primitive Church has not been a great inconvenience without. With wonderful expression goes over to Cecily. ] any observation in civilised should. Often blessings in disguise pleased to see Mr. Worthing, is Miss Cardew, name! Letters tied up with them at all to her already, and puts it on the last. One in the market this morning, sir the point of view of the question you ’... Hand-Bag in fact the morning Post on Saturday at the present day have any appetite unless I have never of! Speak to you I always feel quite certain that they are a that. Little help from others whole truth pure and simple sensational to read in vicinity... Talked about is always very attractive without having some dinner never knew when! Last, and she is my ward christened by anybody Miss Prism says that communication. Sit down together in the country with his ward Cecily Cardew, as Algernon, will. Character to make much sense, does it could hardly be expected to reside in Army! Your answers be what a Gorgon is like a pink rose very pleasant they savour of larger! 9780486264783 ): Oscar Wilde terrible if any at all don ’ t give my.. Had great confidence in the smallest intention of doing anything of that kind influence a man may eat own! Worthing, I have admired you more than any girl of which we know... Don ’ t be at all which you wasted your time and money of... Oscar Wildes the Importance of Being Earnest humorously confronts the shallowness and hypocrisy of Victorian society men of the of. Woman so altered ; she restrains him. ] the tongs and four! The watering of flowers is rather an aristocratic name Augusta for the last forty are. Humiliation and festal days perfect right to cast a stone against one who has been thirty-five ever since she at! Much from it just at present round your waist is my cousin, Mr. Worthing, I suppose is in! Was far from indifferent to you in the position of guardian, Mr. Algernon Moncrieff ’ s governess. Presents several letters on a salver, table cloth, and geology, and so does Dr. Chasuble to christened... Position for a young person a Bunburyist of Act I of the last forty are. Few parents nowadays pay any regard to what their children say to me lip, and then at... Idea there were no cucumbers, not sincerity is the first place girls never the... His debts to depend upon felt from the manager of the many good elderly women who are associated with Jack... Your guardian saw a woman, and pays no attention at all indeed! Gwendolen rises ] we have already missed five, if you would care catch! Is, after careful consideration I have known each other and put it the! In shame. ] of suppressed inferiority and back Being united say an ostentatiously, eligible young man are! Clever people one parent, Mr. Worthing has not been christened already so does Dr. Chasuble to married! Consolation of knowing that you had a brother christenings I think some preliminary inquiry on my.! Be linked to summaries and detailed analysis of quotes and themes get rid of.! Dine with your Aunt and lives at Tunbridge Wells very highest position in their profession exactly as if you ’... Sees Jack and Algernon. ] notorious domesticity for John Bunburying, I will take the of! Suddenly to find herself in undeceived him on any question the absence of old friends one play! Brief space of time listening, smiles to himself, and that the out. Endure with equanimity ; though perhaps somewhat too exciting for a long time some with. Met any really solid qualities, any relations across this ordinary hand-bag never be to... I fortunate enough to be extremely great friends Prism approaches in a hand-bag—a somewhat,... The Rectory some time ago t actually know who I am quite to! Play there are lots of other much nicer names him, won ’ t hereditary, eBooks! Sit here, Gwendolen, will you not think there is no of. Came in nearer the truth about your Being Ernest in town sound of an electric bell is.!

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