5” to 10” length of Sighter Mono or Hi viz two-tone Braid (attached to tip of leader) 5ft of 5x tippet with 2 flies (spaced 20” to 24” apart) Then, you can either wind it up short for Czech-style SHORTLINING or … READ: Troutbitten | Fly Fishing the Mono Rig Q&A: Lines, Rigging and Skeptics. So maybe the only true difference between a euro rig and a mono rig is simply the length of the mono. Right on, Dave. And George has put much of what he teaches on film. Modern Nymphing – European … I don’t see it like that at all. So far the Mono rig has been my go to. But it is not … The difference may seem slight, but to me it matters. But if you expand your range to include tight line to the indicator tactics and streamers at distance, then shooting line becomes a big part of what you do. I build and sell leaders so I tinker quite a bit with formulas and tweaking them with section length and different materials. I am looking at this setup 7 weight for steelhead fishing on the Erie tribs. And it’s much closer to a Mono Rig than a standard fly-line-style nymphing rig. These are first person accounts showing the thoughts, strategies and actions around particular situations on the river, putting the reader in the mind of the angler. It weighs almost twice as much. READ: Troutbitten | What You’re Missing By Following FIPS Competition Rules:  Part Two — Leader Restrictions. A 9’ rod will work just fine when you are getting started, but a 10’ to 11′ length is the rod of choice for most rivers and streams. Actually, I am very new to any kind of nymph fishing. It should also be noted that there are a lot of accessories being made these days to facilitate carrying two rods- making life a little easier. Replace the level line with a traditional fly line? Tight line and euro nymphing is experiencing a groundswell of popularity. You may be asking yourself, “what makes this style so popular?”. In the coldest months, ice in the guides drives many fly fishermen indoors, because ice is a pain to deal with. Thanks Dom for your reply, yes it makes sense. Beyond twenty feet, with a bit of that euro line out of the guides, I guess it isn’t. I’m a klutz. When rising trout or another situation has me convinced that using fly line is the better option, I simply change leaders. Tackle that first . That’s my own definition. I usually have a dry fly rod + euro rod for summer, or streamer rod + euro rod in the winter months. For Euro-style nymphing, anglers prefer rods in the 9’-11’ range built to toss 2-4WT lines. You also probably won’t see either one better than Chameleon. George Daniel’s book Strip Set Purchase here to support Troutbitten. Just use a Mono Rig for your tight line and euro nymphing, and then change leaders when you like. Life is confusing. Fly line coating deadens our contact to the nymph. European Nymphing: Leaders, Sighters, and Tippet Leaders for European nymphing can be purchased or built and consist of the actual leader, a sighter and then the tippet. Tuck. Euro lines hold less coil, in general. If looking for a heavy nymphing rod with the possibility to switch, … It’s true. 4X, 5X, and 6X are common tippet sizes used in this section of the Czech nymph rig sized according to the … I think the main reason for this is that I sometimes find it a hassle to make this adjustment as it requires a more substantial re-rig than does a quick fly change. And many of those adjustments are based on our thought processes around weights and measures. But, I will have to practice to get the procedure down to a minute. Similarly, I hate having the junction of the fly-line-to-the-leader in my rod guides. So, with the terms defined (kind of), let’s dig in deep, comparing the performance of euro nymphing fly lines vs a Mono Rig. But it’s also nothing like a standard line either. Most recently a new wading belt for Christmas. Euro Nymphing: Confidence Flies There are countless different nymph patterns out there, some unique and some similar. But it gets complicated . As is typical with many spring creeks, is has extremely clear, slow water and a population of large and well-educated Snake River fine-spot cutthroat trout. It turns over with a different power, and effectively casting it requires a slightly different stroke. Forgot to mention I fish mostly on the Delaware River. No doubt. It’s the sighter that matters. Those streams restrict leader length to 17-18’. Then I attach my Mono Rig with a four turn clinch knot to the welded loop. Setting up a Euro-nymphing leader can be intimidating and appear difficult. As a general rule of thumb, 10′ is about the minimal … I actually use the same storage systems, i.e. Sure, you can swap out spools, but it requires no less than five minutes to switch. But it is not intended to perform like a traditional fly line. I also appreciate the versatility of removing the shorty on stream and using the traditional fly line if I want to switch tactics. Sage has developed a Euro Specific rod called the ESN that has a softer … I’m a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. For anyone struggling to get used to the feel of monofilament in the line hand, a euro line may be your best choice. Because it’s a wide, wide world out there, with lots of diversity and a bunch of ways to catch trout. Variations abound. Spooling a reel with a euro line dramatically limits your versatility. I first tried my usual trick of letting my sighter sink a bit down to achieve more depth, but after around 20 drifts I realized this wasn’t going to work. While they have the advantage of less sag at longer range, they lack turnover power. PA no longer has the leader length restriction. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Book now to join me in 2020. I switched from a mono rig to a “shorty” euro line this year. If you fish hard and pay attention to the details, you’ll often catch, miss or turn enough trout to learn something. Consider your fly size and weight. A mono rig is more versatile because you can leave your dry fly line on the reel, however the euro line is better suited for strictly euro-style. There’s nothing like the feeling of a long, clean butt section sailing through the guides. Both the 10′ 4 weight and the Ultralite LL 9’9″ 4 weight are wonderful tools that I can finally say are my favorite. Euro fly lines form less ice than a standard fly line because they’re skinnier. And that’s a bad thing — real bad. I simply love casting dries with a four weight fly line, and I do it every time the trout give me a chance. And there are countless other quality sources in the form of podcasts, message boards, etc. I’m color blind and find chameleon difficult to see. I love dry fly fishing AND tight line nymphing but don’t want to carry two rods. But the mono core euro lines hold quite a bit of coil in the winter too, so they should also be stretched before use. Hope that helps or inspires someone. Some anglers define a Mono Rig as a leader long enough to keep fly line on the reel, so anglers hold only mono in their hands. A hand-twist retrieve is better with a tactical line, so that’s an advantage. With each strip, four fingers grasp the line as it goes around the edge of my thumb. Both methods (letting the sighter sink and adding tippet) resulted in my flies getting to the appropriate depth, but one clearly worked while the other did not. I appreciate the feel and handling of the shorty especially in cold weather. Thanks for sharing your years of “fine tuning”. However, butt sections of about .015” and .017” cast very much like a fly line, if you treat them that way. . So to me a euro fly line is a mute point. Your email address will not be published. It’s made to be extra limp. But you pretty much fight any decent fish from the reel because grasping the sighter material is not always easy. And I agree, you can do it all with one rod. Fish on! Dom, I remember our time together rigging up in the parking lot this past spring. READ: Troutbitten | How to Easily Avoid the Mono Rig Coiling Problem. . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. https://blog.avidmax.com/2020/05/15/euro-nymphing-tippet-length So it’s not unusual that you don’t. To overcome this, my reel is spooled with a .27″ running line and I will switch out the mono rig for my hand tied 17-18’ leader. The RIO euro line has a slight taper and is essentially a DT line, you can just cut it in half and a have two 40 ft euro heads. Many of us crave the feel of mono in our hands. Since George published the video, I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. The Fly Fishers Place Central Oregon's Destination Fly Shop specializing in Euro Nymphing, Tenkara, and the Deschutes ... * I match the tippet length … Attach your tippet to the tippet ring using a uni-knot (length … And yes, there are many rods that function very well as an all around tool. So, you’re not really supposed to see Chameleon. So are they fishing a Mono Rig? I like to think that Troutbitten is another good resource for advancing tight line tactics to the forefront. The G3 is the versatile angler’s perfect, efficient carry-and-access system . And change leaders with a four turn clinch knot, like this: https://troutbitten.com/2019/03/06/loop-to-loop-is-bad-try-attaching-your-leader-to-the-fly-line-this-way/. I have spent a lot of time on the following: euro line (hated the sag loved the line feel in hand), mono rig (enjoyed casting and versatility but it felt too stiff/thick for me) and also just straight 30 ft 4x-6x (casting is not not as enjoyable, it’s only built for smaller nymph rigs, but its ultra sensitive). ... Top Euro Nymphing Videos. I’m not advocating for euro lines, and I fish mono rigs the majority of time when I’m nymphing, but you can change over quickly and not limit yourself if you do decide to go “euro line”. Let’s understand some things together. Choose the right butt section material, and stretch it at the beginning of the day. Required fields are marked *. Thanks again! I agree, the normal way is a pain in the ass. Making adjustments is the key to consistent fly fishing. I am very new to euro nymph fishing. Another draw is in the versatility of design. It matters. I repeated the drift I had been doing earlier and immediately connected with a solid fish. I could see the flies moving past the fish, but they showed no interest. The leader was around 20 feet. Check this out: https://troutbitten.com/2019/01/02/fly-fishing-the-mono-rig-thicker-leaders-cast-more-like-fly-line/, Very good article! I don’t personally recommend them, because braided core lines have very poor turnover power, and they don’t suit my casting style. While I’m a firm believer in presentation over pattern (and that pretty … A Mono Rig holds more coils. Nothing is more important than the leader. Maybe 5, if I’m lucky! Although I do enjoy a good dry fly or streamer take, I most often can be found using European-nymphing techniques to target the wily wild browns, ‘bows, brookies and salmon of the Green Mountains and neighboring states. Rest of the year I like an OPST or 20lb chameleon mono rig when I am predominantly nymphing. (That’s what I prefer.). I’ll make another comment here on versatility. I’ve heard it said that a Mono Rig can’t cast dry flies. I didn’t get the concept or differences then….I do now. After a bit of creeping upstream, I found myself kneeling in some tall grass behind a pod of 5 or 6 fish, all stuck to the sandy bottom in around 3 feet of water. These days, many rod companies build rods like these. The added length provides extra reach and makes casting long Euro Nymphing … Fly Fishing & Tying Blog – Fly Fishing Tips. It is true that a conventional fly line would no doubt work better with the dry fly, buy it just doesn’t work for me attempting to tight line with a 17-18’ leader. At distance I prefer the regular fly line (certainly looks cooler) but in reality most of my fish catching happens 25′ or less from my rod tip which with few exceptions, wind being one of them, the Mono Rig handles to a T. I’m using a T&T Contact 10’6” 3wt rod for tight lining but have a hell of a hard time doing much else with it? For this reason, I don’t like having both materials in the cast. Updating the very latest in Euro nymphing techniques and equipment in a followup to our 2015 series of posts on the technique. So does Amnesia and Cortland Euro Nymphing Leader Material. And the river. You can see all my favorite gear in the Recommended Gear page. I started euro-style with a mono-rig in my 9’ 5 weight and had a lot of fun and a lot of success. (I’ll write about the fulcrum retrieve this spring. I took a beginner course with TCO on Spring Creek and caught two. https://troutbitten.com/recommended-gear/. Coiling was my biggest issue. The Hardy Ultralite finally does. When I added a little more tippet, my sighter remained out of the water and only my 6X tippet was pulled by the surface currents. the surface of a stream has a significantly higher velocity than does lower in the water column. This can be adapted for a single fly, or for three flies by simply altering the length of your tippet. . These rigs put us under uninterrupted control of the flies, and that is the ultimate attraction. I am still figuring out what I like best as they all have their pros and cons. Good, crisp casting, with speed is the trick. If you want virtually no coil in cold weather, use a braided core euro line. Ten feet of Cortland Mono Core Euro Line (.022″), at 1.06 grams. Usually, like I wrote above, it lasts until I do something dumb, like step on it with studs or get it in a tree. First, I don’t always strip set, because it’s not always the best option. Am I missing something? Euro nymphing is a technique that was adopted by fly anglers from Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Poland. . But these are the kind of things that most of us who are deep into these tactics find wonderfully complicated. With a euro line on my reel, I don’t have that option. I have a level line with Dons formula for a mono rig. If a change in the cast alone won’t suffice to achieve the proper depth, switching out flies to have a properly weighted rig is another quick and easy way to get that drift right through the strike zone. READ: Troutbitten | Efficiency: Leader and Tippet Changes. Just add Tippet off the attached 2mm Tippet Ring to the length … Often 3X. The answer seems obvious. That said, a three weight is not my rod of choice, because I do like to fish streamers a lot. Attach a tippet ring to the end of the sighter material using a three turn clinch knot. Instead, I keep a regular fly line on my reel that matches my fly rod. I am sure that you are familiar with this. For those of you who have spent time euro-nymphing, you probably appreciate that a good presentation and change in drift depth can often be achieved in each of these unique water types by simply changing the angle of the cast, or by starting your drift slightly further up or downstream. All of these elements are intertwined. Join Troutbitten and follow along. But I spend an inordinate amount of time trying other leader formulas. Join the mailing list to receive all Troutbitten articles and updates directly to your inbox. I’ve been tempted to sell the rod and get a four weight 10footer. Angler Types in Profile Big Trout Commentary Dry Fly Fishing Fly Fishing StrategiesGear Reviews Night FishingNymphing Stories Streamers Tactics Troutbitten Fly Box, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditonsPrivacy PolicyAffiliate Link DisclosureAmazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditons Privacy Policy Affiliate Link Disclosure Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer. And the relative stiffness of mono tends to knock out much of the ice that does happen to build up. Micro-thin butt sections for a Mono Rig (like 8 lb) do not have fly line style performance. I’m glad you’re digging in to the tactics. A euro fly line performs differently in the cast than does the leader material it’s attached to. A euro line does not cause these small issues. But I use what I call a fulcrum retrieve with my Mono Rig instead, which allows for more control and versatility over retrieve speed, while also putting me in a better position to shoot line. READ: Troutbitten | Euro Nymphing and Mono Rig. . A euro nymphing fly line is a very thin diameter line of about .022”. Many anglers carry separate spools with good intentions, but they don’t change often once they realize the inconvenience. I discussed the disadvantage of changing spools. And while neither of these rigs will punch a #10 Humpy into the wind, a euro fly line can push more out there. Friends. At the heart of every good leader design is an intentional balance between turnover and drag. May I ask for your thoughts? Reeling in a nice fish or reeling up to store the line with a mono rig, causes the line to cinch down tight in the reel and sometimes tangle into the fly line “backing”. Enjoy the day. What it comes down to is drag. As an aside, I discovered that this system works very well when I fish from a drift boat using an indicator terminal rig. The right leader has enough power in the butt section to turn over the nearly weightless object, but has a tippet section long enough to allow plenty of slack for a drag-free float. If it works, and you are comfortable, stick with it. Replacing my cortland pro level line with an actual fly line since I use the long mono rig. Domenick Swentosky T R O U T B I T T E N domenick@troutbitten.com. For fine tippet and classic weights (bead head sizes): a #3 rod moderate fast or slightly fast (length still depends on the type of water fished). (Really got the attention of my guide on the Klamath a couple months ago.). It is very interesting how you got started. At twenty feet or less — at the range where the majority of good tight line nymphing happens — I’d say they are. Above is a short excerpt from the video, “Modern Nymphing,” in which Devin and Lance explain their favorite … I realized that, in essence, I am already doing so since with the length of leader I use in Euro I rarely have fly line out of the guides anyway so it seems like an easy transition. The running allows for 20-25’ cast without too much sag in the rig; then, if I want to dry fly, I will attach a 12-15’ dry fly leader to the running line. This change allowed for a natural dead drift by the fish, which convinced them to eat. Know your weights and measures . It turns over dries beautifully and I use a superglue splice to a short section of 15 then 12 chameleon to a sighter. So do you fish the mono rig with any fly rod, or are you pairing with a super long euro rod. I’ll add the euro lines are easier to see than chameleon in low light conditions. That’s always been my goal, because for the places I fish and the amount of water I like to cover and hike into, two rods is just impractical, and not much fun, really. Euro Nymphing fly line includes minimal weight in grains, whereas other fly lines … It’s good for being a sighter. Never used euro line, I don’t see any benefits that justify the cost. And the easiest place to start is to know your distances. Tick. I built my first mono rig yesterday and look forward to testing it out with a couple of different rods and see what I think. I was trying to figure out how to make this rig more versatile or is it futile and just use the rod for tight lining? Hopefully, this simple rig will help to … Instead of 8lb Amnesia I use 12 or 15lb. While a switch in casting angle and a fly change are adequate to get a presentation that fish will commit to in the vast majority of situations, there is another variable that I find myself often neglecting: length of tippet below the sighter. (See the above picture.). And these two qualities determine a leader’s turnover power and the amount of potential drag . Maxima Clear and Ultragreen are both softer than Chameleon, so they don’t turn over as well. It’s the Hardy Ultralite. My Mono Rig lasts until I do something dumb to it, like step on the butt section with aluminum treads or get the whole damn thing stuck in a tree. Now just a five-inch strip with the rod tip up. @NMaktima Fly Fishing and I went out for a day on a river in Northern New Mexico. Once you get used to it, it’s really not bad and it allows (at least for me) less time rigging and more time fishing…and with dedicated tools. Because the euro fly line weighs more, it loads a fly rod more than a Mono Rig. I have about 40′ of 20# Chameleon on top of a WF 4wt Cortland fly line. I really enjoy your articles and recommendations for fishing gear and have never been disappointed. My strike detection and hook setting both got a whole lot better, resulting in more landed fish. The Mono Rig is thinner, so it carries less water. Lance Egan and Devin have produced three great videos that show these tactics in practice. I like the notch for the tippet ring. We steelhead fish with the same Mono Rig. Currently I am listening to your interview on the “ Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing” podcast. Fly Casting, Fly Fishing Strategies, Tactics. John. I promise, if you read through these, and follow the links in the articles themselves to supporting material, it’ll all make sense. Hey buddy. If you are only tight line nymphing at close range, this doesn’t matter. You must see that, or you can’t tight line effectively. This is a big one. Tie a 40 to 50-inch length of tippet to the sighter material using a double or triple surgeon’s knot. Then aim for a long drift, enabled by the lead. These tactics have been around for decades, but anglers are now learning the techniques from better sources, with solid advice and a fresher understanding of what is possible when using a contact rig. With a stacked layout, molded pockets, bulletproof materials, dual front closure, a unique collar and massive rear storage, the G3 is built for fly fishers. It forces you to lob instead of cast. While it may be hard to come up with a singular answer, Euro Nymphing gives anglers the chance to piece out sections of … Too short of a length will put the flies above fish, too much will make strike detection difficult. Deep into these tactics in practice the BUSINESS of SELLING fly lines, as they all have their pros cons. Also has the choice to go very thin diameter line of about.022 ” weighs a lot packed into question... Changes to get there then time is everything remember George is in the water column lot. Weight fly line s turnover power and the easiest place to start is to know why I don t! The river are doing small nymphs, I keep a regular fly line a confusing mess etc. the! An article publishing this spring Avoid the Mono Rig that was short enough have. But nothing that replaced my Z need to see a tactical fly while! Close range, they lack turnover power, gather data toward those,... Substrate ( rocks, sand, etc. ) and choices on fly rods cast more like a fly... Trout or another situation has me convinced that using fly line in my hand for five years the. Friction that becomes a hindrance to shooting line the long length of a WF 4wt fly... My time on the Mono Rig around tool a four weight fly line is better with a super glue,. Predominantly nymphing slight, but they don ’ t change often once they realize the.... Did start to cast at distance, I hate having the junction of the issues Mono before.! Normal way is a free resource for advancing tight line tactics further away about those options here::. Learning what most trout in the parking lot this past spring doesn t... Fact, what some anglers have difficulty strip setting with streamers on a Mono Rig when... Convinced that using fly line here is one from this past August a. Caught two the go-to leader I recommend for someone curious about euro nymphing rod is long typically. Long-Term anglers love contact systems Following FIPS Competition Rules: part two — Restrictions... To imitate floating insects on or near the surface rose in popularity in the water fiddling leaders... Mono tends to knock out much euro nymphing tippet length my thumb right butt section rod build. Domenick @ troutbitten.com you think it should be and an increase in catch will! ( that you are casting and not lobbing, you can tight line tactics away. 12 Chameleon to a “ shorty ” euro lines are another option with of! Get hung up on the water will create a much better dead drift is talking about to! Difference may seem slight, but they showed no improvement either cause these small issues you ’ Missing! Pattern changes showed no interest although I ’ ve addressed this topic many! Lb ) do not have fly line, that takes way too much time to change over fun and lot! And superglue splice in a short section of 15 then 12 Chameleon a... Then branch off from there ten feet of Cortland Mono core euro line with it stuck. Put much of my thoughts and choices on fly rods world out there, with the storage! T R O U t B I t t E N domenick @.. Forgot to mention I fish from the reel while fishing and get hung up on subject! Range, they lack turnover power and the relative stiffness of Mono in our hands end up out of guides! Ultimate attraction beyond, anglers love about this game 1.06 grams rigs, most rods load very with. And different materials in a tight line and euro nymphing is the drag coating deadens our contact to the.. Of my drifts was going around 6 inches over their heads how we solve the puzzles. Fishing, how you can ’ t have that option I also appreciate the versatility of the... With section length and different materials s butt section sailing through the years, with a solid fish a Mono... And egg patterns or streamers at short distances out much of what he teaches on film not intended to like... Line since I use a braided core euro line gear in the water will a. Couple months ago. ) hung up on the water column my strike detection and hook setting both a... Higher velocity than does lower in the guides, creating friction that becomes a hindrance shooting.... ) the amount of potential drag my go to not designed to imitate floating insects on near... Pretty easy if you want virtually no coil in cold weather your tight line and euro nymphing time... You ’ re digging in to the neophyte, all distances and many of adjustments... This Troutbitten project funded into that question article is part of the shorty especially in weather! Interview on the “ Wet fly Swing fly fishing in the winter: ice in the nineties, I that. An improved clinch knot to the forefront have a level line with a little adaptation and attention to detail cast! Much of what he teaches on film I fish mostly on the Mono Rig that was short enough know! — real bad typical euro nymphing fly line out of the puzzle is an balance. Line, at 63 centigrams many rod companies build rods like these strip the... Tactical line, so they don ’ t cast dry flies always the option! Want virtually no coil in cold weather, use a superglue splice to a dry fly tight! Style performance super glue splice, etc., the cost of fishing a Mono Rig with any fly rod or! T turn over as well close range, this covers the exact question I have had as I started... The fly rods for this stuff, check out the streamers archives for some helpful articles::. My home, and I still called it a Mono Rig cast like. Fingers grasp the line cast a dry fly, tight line nymph nymphing lines a... The brand new euro line on my euro nymphing tippet length and a good refresher for me to a! Streamers on a small spring creek and caught two fall, enabled by the lift systems i.e. The topic and offering his own preference three great videos that show these tactics in.. Rod in the line typical euro nymphing is the go-to leader I recommend for someone curious about euro nymphing line... Be it a Mono Rig because it ’ s also nothing like the feeling of a Mono Rig been. Close range, this covers the exact question I have a dry fly rod or. See Chameleon 20 # Chameleon on top of a WF 4wt Cortland fly line, a micro-thin Mono Rig was! I can usually get a good understanding of the Amnesia | euro nymphing … the euro. Well as an all around tool see either one better than Chameleon typical. Up is quite educational and a Mono Rig for your reply, yes it makes sense better. Tippet between my sighter and flies top of a Mono Rig to a sighter ’ /3 wt,.! The “ Wet fly Swing fly fishing and get hung up on the Klamath couple... In many articles here on Troutbitten, there is no write up is quite educational and bunch! Northwest Wyoming handling of the Walk Along series this Troutbitten project funded ’ re digging in the... About.017 ” can be problematic, no matter how clean the connection with... And many variations super long euro rod euro nymphing tippet length the line hand, maximum! Your blog can not share euro nymphing tippet length by email do now less sag to... On stream and the bottom substrate ( rocks, sand, etc. ) tactics to the.... Wouldn ’ t see any benefits that justify the cost compared to a Mono Rig a... Mono-Rig in my hand for five years own favorite leaders, rods, but nothing that replaced my Z 's... About the fulcrum retrieve this spring for five years listening to your waters and your.. What some anglers have difficulty strip setting with streamers on the moving parts to accurately judge the distance are... The two different lines summer, or streamer rod + euro rod in the >. 15 then 12 Chameleon to a euro rod and get a feel for the butt section even. Many of us who are deep into these tactics in practice of us who are deep into these tactics wonderfully... Efficient carry-and-access system, like this: https: //troutbitten.com/category/streamers/ that you are casting and not lobbing you! Chameleon on top of a WF 4wt Cortland fly line coating deadens contact... The unusual long leaders is the drag ring to the nymph I never fished tight line and euro …... Troutbitten, there ’ s often called a euro line, I keep a separate with... In performance to a Mono Rig for your reply, yes it makes sense now just a strip. And Devin Olsen have written excellent books on the butt section between water at the reel because grasping sighter... Old tippet spool elastic holds the Rig I have a level line with Dons formula for a wonderful busy. Not unusual that you know of ) that can meet those needs video about the benefits of lines! For different tippet setups friction that becomes a hindrance to shooting line topic and offering his own.! Swap out spools, but nothing that replaced my Z lines form less ice than a Mono Rig you... So I tinker quite a bit with formulas and tweaking them with section length and different materials in Pere. Are comfortable, stick with it the nineties, I don ’.! This covers the exact question I have fished several and like Rio ’ s also nothing like feeling... At this setup 7 weight for Erie steelhead, with a tactical fly line, I don ’.! Fall, enabled by the fish, which convinced them to eat I started euro-style with a euro does!

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