White Pine Systems, LLC (dba SPINN) is dedicated to delivering a complete solution for consumer-engaged healthcare that compliments existing health information technology investments. Our Internet-based patient engagement systems are at the core of the rapidly emerging “connected health” movement.

SPINN is your communication center. For most families, picking the “right” Personal Health Record solution is easy. It’s the one your doctor recommends. That’s because your Personal Health Record has to be more than just a place to store information you enter manually. It has to be a communication center, ideally not just with one doctor or hospital but with all of your healthcare providers. SPINN is that communication center.

Microsoft Health Vault
Because SPINN stores your personal health information in Microsoft HealthVault, SPINN allows you to see information from any other HealthVault partner. Through SPINN, your personal health network can include the entire HealthVault ecosystem.
Your Information
The information on SPINN is yours and you make all the decisions. You decide who can enter, change or see your personal health information. SPINN let’s you create your own personal health network with multiple levels of viewing capability.
User Interfaces for every Stakeholder
There are many different users in your personal health network, and each needs a different way of communicating:
  • Some people may not want anything to do with computers at all. We’ve found a solution for them to remind them when to take their medication using the telephone.
  • Younger people often prefer to communicate through their cell phone. SPINN allows you to do most things through any web-enabled cell phones.
  • SPINN includes a dashboard with recent events and a calendar to help you quickly see the most important information across all of your family.
Focused on Specific Medical Conditions.
SPINN lets you see your personal health information the same as other systems, but also allows you to organize your information around the specific medical condition that matters most. If you are dealing with diabetes, you have one set of information or resources you need on one screen. If you are pregnant, or dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, you will want a very different presentation.

SPINN helps you manage the unique requirements of everyone in your family.