Our Solutions include social media components, Personal Health Records and new clinical applications that together achieve higher rates of adoption, more frequent use, giving new value that leads to improved health outcomes and lower cost. We refer to this as: SPINN—the Secure Personal Information & Notification Network.


The heart of our system is SPINNphr, the Secure Personal Information & Notification Network. This personal health record system is designed to put consumers in control of their own personal health information while making that critical information available any time, any place.

SPINN is designed to:
  • Save lives and improve the safety and quality of healthcare by making critical information available when it is needed – any time, any place.
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare by avoiding duplicate or unnecessary tests and providing easy yet secure access to billing and insurance information in almost any setting.
  • Provide peace of mind, knowing that you or a loved one will not be alone in an emergency by automatically notifying family and loved ones that you are receiving medical attention.

SPINN Members receive a unique SPINN id number that they can carry with them on a bracelet, an id card or a zipper tag. In an emergency, those giving aid can log into the SPINN Emergency Information System to view critical health information about the SPINN Member. The SPINN Emergency Notification feature automatically sends a message to pre-designated family or guardians informing them that the Member is receiving medical attention and providing information about who to contact for more information.

For Consumers:
SPINN keeps your family connected to each other and to your healthcare providers while providing easy and convenient access to your most personal health information.

For Healthcare Providers:
SPINN is a private-labeled PHR system that allows healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups and other organizations to quickly, easily and cost effectively offer their own branded Personal Health Record solution.

SPINN was designed with a focus on the management of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure (particularly anticoagulation therapy), cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to presenting information in separate silos such as conditions, medications, allergies, test results, etc, SPINN allows providers to build configurable user interfaces at the care unit level, show exactly the information that is appropriate to a specific medical condition.

SPINNphr can be integrated to almost any electronic medical record system. While every situation is different, SPINN is designed to make the initial integration and on-going support and maintenance as easy as possible.

SPINN lets you decide what resources should be included in your PHR. If you have your own health reference web site, or a preferred health information reference site, such as Medpedia or WebMD, you can simply link to those resources from within your SPINNphr. You can also link to a preferred risk assessment tool, such as HealthMedia, from your SPINNphrl. If you don’t have preferences, ask us. We’ll be glad to make recommendations.

SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application

Designed originally at the request of organizers of some of the leading marathon races, the SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application brings the convenience of Personal Health Records to participatory sporting activities such as races, and youth sports such as baseball, soccer, or football. No need for paper forms that are left back in a file cabinet someplace. The SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application insures that critical personal health information will be available at the time and place it is needed. Medical staff can also enter information about the event including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and disposition. This information can later be viewed on-line by hospital staff.

The SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application has also been integrated with the ChronoTrack road race timing system. The ChronoTrack road race timing system, with its “D” timing tag, allows race organizers to print an integrated bib and tag for each participant, encoding the runner’s bib number into the tag’s RFID chip at the time of printing. The peel-off, disposable portion of the bib becomes a tag that runners attach to their shoes. Times are recorded when the runner crosses a mat at the starting line, finish line and other points along the route, resulting in accurate timing for each individual runner. In an emergency, these same “D” timing tags can be scanned by medical staff using the SPINNphr Medical Event Tracking Application installed on an off-the-shelf PDA with an RFID reader to identify the runner.

In addition to providing critical medical information to the medical staff, the SPINN Emergency Notification feature can be programmed to automatically send an email or text message to the runner’s friends or family, letting them know that the runner is receiving medical attention and providing them with information about how to contact the medical staff.

For healthcare providers, the SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application provides a unique branding and marketing opportunity, showing the value of Personal Health Records as people live active lives.

SPINN Secure Message Center

The SPINN Secure Message Center allows healthcare providers to offer a secure, cost effective way to communicate with their patients.

The SPINN Secure Message Center simplifies the communication between consumers and healthcare providers. Providers can define groups of people who will receive messages. Typical groups might include billing, appointments, as well as specific clinics.

The SPINN Secure Message Center can be configured for one healthcare provider, or can include multiple separate organizations (such as a hospital and independent physicians’ organizations) to create your own personal communication network.

Home Healthcare Devices

Through our affiliation with Microsoft HealthVault, SPINN members have access to a full range of home monitoring devices such as:
  • Glucose meters
  • Weight scales
  • Blood pressure devices
  • Exercise monitoring devices
Any information which is loaded into a HealthVault account through these devices will be visible through SPINN. And because SPINN provides the interface to provider EMR solutions, these readings can be exported to your providers’ electronic medical system. For more information about these devices, please visit the HealthVault Device Directory

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