This Lost character has lived on the island for a long time, and he's been at war for almost that entire time. Lost was a thrilling drama series that covered everything from a plane crash on a mysterious island and a smoke monster, to time travel and romantic relationships. 82. Lost in Translation and all the characters in it belong to jjolee. Eventually, she began cheating on her husband, and finds that she's pregnant on the island. It is the most commonly used letter in many languages, including Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latin, Latvian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. This character searched for the jewels obsessively during her time on the island, and proved to be incredibly annoying while she did it. Although we don't meet him in person until the show's fifth season, we come to understand that he was one of the leaders of the Dharma Initiative, and was also the father of another one of the show's central characters. Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Season 2, Part 2, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Haugre Tabi: Kimluck-hen, Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Smile 2nd Season, Natsume Yuujinchou: Ishi Okoshi to Ayakashi Raihousha, Tokyo 7th Sisters: Bokura wa Aozora ni Naru, This Lost character is our way into the world of the island. Although this isn't the case, this Lost character claims to have lived his entire island on the show's central island, and was originally introduced under the pseudonym Henry Gale. He's one of the few characters who made it off the island at the end of the series, but that doesn't mean he wasn't changed by his time there. Although she never fully succeeds, she ultimately becomes trapped on the island. Pick a colour If you could date any one of these characters, who would it be? As a result, Homare takes the role as the leader among the girls and teaches them how to survive on the island. Unfortunately, the stress and horror of this job ultimately led to an unraveling of his marriage, and it was only after he escaped from his father-in-law's influence that his life measurably improved. They seem to think I need to … Take the Lost Character quiz and find out which Lost character you would be in a parallel universe. Advertisement. As a result, her introduction suggests that she's more than a little bit deranged, and it doesn't come as an enormous surprise that she tortures Sayid when she first meets him. In this Test you will find out which Keeper of the Lost Cities character you are. He eventually ends up working for the Man in Black, he ultimately redeems himself with a moment of heroic sacrifice. Answer Save. This spunky doctor proved pivotal for Lost, and may have caused the infamous incident that led to Oceanic 815's crash. Although he's eventually revealed to be a member of The Others, the island's original inhabitants, the castaways don't manage to kill him before he escapes. On the island, he proves to be a useful leader because of his innate ability to raise people's spirits. There were former rock stars, estranged spouses, and very pregnant women, and all of them were trapped on an island that was filled with unexplainable phenomena. Although he can walk on the island, this Lost character was stuck in a wheelchair before the plane crashed because his father pushed him through a window. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! He eventually does return, but is quickly shot by Ben Linus. In the end, he died when the plane he was in fell from its perch, but not before an entire episode was spent trying to save him. Though there are technically two characters on Lost who speak with the dead, this character can hear the thoughts of those who have recently died. We learn about his complicated relationship to his father and his ex-wife, even as we see how the island has made him a better man. In other words, he wasn't on the plane. Having said that, it's been more than seven years since the show left TV screens, and even some of its die-hard fans may feel their memories of certain characters and story lines lapsing a bit. If you had a plane crash, and ended up on an island, what is that you would like to have with you? Jimihen!! He also gets a couple of epic fights in. which one would you be? Find out now! After a school trip goes terribly wrong, Homare Onishima, Shion Kujou, Asuka Suzumori, and Mutsu Amatani are left stranded on a deserted island. While he managed to use that skill during his time among the castaways, he also became a surprisingly strong leader as the series progressed. Although he's ultimately shot and killed by his own mother, he sets events into motion before his death that ultimately lead to the incident at the heart of the show's fifth season. He was a member of a one-hit wonder band during his life before the island, and eventually developed a crippling addiction to heroin as a result. From the ABC TV Show Lost What Disney Character Are You Quiz? After all, he was being taken back to Los Angeles for his own funeral after his son found him dead in Australia. Many of the first season roles were a … Although he didn't factor into the overarching story too significantly, he always managed to provide wry commentary about what was unfolding on the show. My biggest complaint by far is the lack of story. He brings the castaways to the island in the hopes of finding someone to replace him, and he ultimately succeeds, even if he dies in the process. This character is one half of an epic romance that spanned decades and inter-dimensional travel. Actor | Lost The entertainment industry isn't new to young Malcolm David Kelley, a show business veteran from the age of five. Written by Jill Slattery. test. He returns during the show's fourth season, and ultimately sacrifices himself during a boat explosion. He arrived on the freighter during the show's fourth season, and remained stranded on the island, eventually becoming Sawyer's second in command at the Dharma Initiative. One of the show's ultimate tragedies, this character loses almost everyone he loves, and eventually suffers from brain damage as a result of experiments he conducted that moved people's brains back and forth in time. Vol: 7 - Ch: 100+ Characters. What are you waiting for? This Lost character was kicked off of the island after conceiving a child with a mainlander, but swore that he would one day return to claim what was rightfully his. The daughter of a powerful former leader of the island, she fell in love with the man who would one day push the button down in the hatch. He was a better man than anyone gave him credit for. This Lost character is shown in both the present and in flashbacks looking exactly the same, and it's not entirely clear why that is. While he was alive, he had a fairly substantial drinking problem, one that led to a run in with Sawyer at an Australian bar. The show, which ran for six seasons on ABC, fundamentally changed the way audiences talked about television, and is in part responsible for the culture of recapping that exists today. This Lost character arrived on the island as part of the tail section, and ultimately entered into a romance with Hurley. wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about series that anyone can edit. Asuka Suzumori (鈴森 明日香, Suzumori Asuka) Voiced by: Hiyori Kono A cheery and athletic girl who is a member of the basketball and track clubs. 2017-01-07 - - ? Which Character from 'Lost' Are You? Do you think you can go the distance? MORE QUIZZES In his previous life, he was an intelligence officer for the Republican Guard, although he tries to turn over a new leaf with his life on the island. Although he overslept and missed the flight, the island eventually got him anyway. Although he plays an important role in Lost's first season, he disappears for much of the second after he's taken by the Others. Hiyori Kono Homare ONISHIMA. How do you feel about fighting? What did you get? Begin Quiz. This Lost character had a complicated relationship with his father, who was also stranded on the island. WARNING: there are spoilers of books 1-7, so if you haven’t read those books, don’t take the quiz! This Lost character grew up wealthy, only to find herself falling in love with a fisherman's son. Do you think you could go toe to toe with the greatest ever? He makes it off of the island during the show's series finale, thanks in part to the power of duct tape. Advertisement. Although it took years for the pair to find one another, they never gave up, and eventually had a son off the island, and decided to name him Charlie. Or someone else entirely? Find out which "Rocky" character are you with this quiz! Whether you were a fan of Lost from that very first scene in the jungle until they all gathered in that church in the last episode, or you got too confused and tired of it to keep going, it is hard to argue that Lost was not a great show in many aspects. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. Discover which Disney legend you're most like by taking this personality quiz! It is not 100% Percent accurate, but no test can be 100% Accurate. Either way, it's time to discover whether or not you can name these Lost characters. Something went wrong, please try again. See all reviews Related manga. … This Lost character is only ever a corpse during his time on the island, which makes sense. They manage to reconcile on the island, and die holding one another's hands. So for the longest time this website had not one character match personality quiz, but I guess it was inevitable because here is an attempt at a slightly more scientific, but still silly, "Which Character Are You?" When things come to blows, can you take the hit?
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