As a result, it was Walter Mondale who became the first vice-president to live in the house in 1977. Vice President Kamala Harris and husband Doug Emhoff are living across from the White House while that property is being renovated. Where does the Vice President of US live while in office? 1 decade ago. Tracey Q. Lv 4. The observatory itself is still in use by the Navy, but the superintendent lives in another residence. 7 Answers. The first Vice President to live … In 1923, the Chief of Naval … The Answer: In July 1974 Congress designated a house on the southeast corner of 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Washington DC where the vice president of the United States would live. Where does the US Vice President live while in office? While Harris and her husband own a condominium in Washington, D.C., the home does not meet the security protocols for a sitting vice president. Answer- Number One Observatory Circle The official residence of the US Vice President and their family is the Number One Observatory Circle at the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. The house was built in 1894 for the superindendent of the US Naval Observatory. WASHINGTON — Unlike the White House, the vice presidential residence is not accessible to the public, one of the reasons the public knows little about where the president's No. Relevance. Tried to get the White House page for you but it is currently being revamped. Answer Save. 2 lives. Easy General Knowledge Quiz Question 1 out of 15 Where does the President of the United States live while in office? Located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory, the house was built in 1893 for the Superintendent of the Observatory.. Before 1974, vice … This decision was made to address concerns about the expense of finding appropriate housing in Washington, DC, where the housing market is often tight; recognizing the valuable service of the Vice President, Congress felt that it would be reasonable to provide a residence for the holder of this office. He lives at Number One Observatory Circle. Favorite Answer. While Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are on the cusp of winning the US’ election, social media users in India are more concerned about the Democrats’ lodgings once they are elected President and Vice-President of the United States. Desis on Twitter are jokingly saying that the … Vice President Joe Biden was the most recent person to occupy the space, but he has now handed over the keys to Pence. Here is a wikipedia page on it. But while Congress agreed in 1974 to refurbish the house, the first vice president to live there was Walter Mondale, who took office in 1977.
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