Add to Cart. The Dwarf Rasboras ideal temperature falls between 75-79°F and they like a pH between 6.6-8. If you want more in-depth information about each of the fish on this list such as their diet, habitat and behavioral requirements, as well as how to breed them then check out the Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide. If you’re interested in knowing about 30 other tank mates that can live with your betta then check out this HUGE list of betta tank mates! Well, the truth is that’s simply not true. However, with only having the one other fish I don't believe it will be picked on. And while you may notice that they fight amongst their own group, this fighting will rarely result in injury of any kind! If you want Lambchop Rasboras then you need to make sure that the pH in your tank is between 6-7 and the temperature is between 73-80°F. But that doesn’t mean you should put them in a smaller tank with your betta. In most cases, your betta will leave Ramshorn snails alone and this is one of the reasons they make great tank mates. Daphnia, bloodworms and mosquito larvae will work perfectly. If they’re kept alone they’ll quickly become unhappy and stressed, which will result in a premature life. Just an idea. Females aren’t as vibrant as male guppies, so the chances of them being attacked are a lot slimmer. There are a few things to consider though. Because of this once again you’re going to need to keep them in a good sized tank. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. A common worry many betta owners have is whether their betta will attack other fish in a community tank. Harlequin Rasbora Tropical Fish Learn all about the Harlequin Rasbora's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Subscribe below and not only will you be up to date on everything betta, but you’ll also receive a free eBook. But if you think you can handle it, they’re well worth a purchase! Can You Keep Endlers Livebearers With Bettas? That they’re too aggressive and if you did try, it would result in death and injury. Purple Harlequin Rasbora With a beautiful purple color, this fish is greatly popular among aquarists. Close. If you get a fish that is too brightly colored or has long flowing fins, then your betta may attack them. If you’re interested to know more about tank mates that can live with bettas then you have to check out the Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide. I am looking to get some of these guys but was just wondering they will become food? Its wider placement within the family Cyprinidae is still not fully resolved. The trick is to avoid adding male guppies to your tank. Such features give it the appearance of a Galaxy and makes it ideal for your aquarium containing giant betta. As long as you stay away from platies that have longer tails, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Rasbora . Help/Advice. They have extremely peaceful temperaments, and just like the vast majority of Rasboras, they’re definitely community tank fish! Bamboo Shrimp. 1 Why Are Bettas And Rasboras Great Tank Mates? dwarf rasbora. Yellow Comet Goldfish 10-12cm. Bettas And African Dwarf Frogs (Complete Guide). While bronze corydoras’ are bottom dwellers, it’s not uncommon for them to swim to the surface to breathe air either. Cardinal Tetra. Can A Redtail Shark And Betta Live Together? Add to Cart. It’s very hit and miss whether they’re going to eat your plants or not and it will all depend on the individual snail. The fish must be compatible in personality, food, and temperature, which does provide some options, but not too many. This is because they often smuggle themselves in on plants that you purchase. The Dwarf rasbora is a black water fish and appreciates if the bogwood and leaves stain the water with tannins. If you plan on keeping tank mates with them in a 5-gallon tank then your choices are going to be a little bit limited. And the best part is, Amano shrimp can’t breed in fresh water so you don’t have to worry about your tank becoming overrun with shrimp once you’ve added them. They need to regularly swim to the top to breathe, and if they can’t do this they’ll suffocate. If you do want to add African dwarf frogs to your tank then you need to make sure that your tank isn’t too high. While the majority of their food should be insect-based (like in the wild) there should also be plant-based food in it as well. But as long as you’re giving them enough space, then in a lot of cases, it’s going to work out just fine. And grow up to 3.5 inches in length are plenty of hiding spaces them... Meters above sea level ) reservoirs of Myanmar ( Burma ) between 65-78°F and a pH between.. You remember that you should feed them for 3 minutes twice a day to accomplish between 6-7.5 ( bettas stimulation... Unlike other snails unlikely to be Careful when feeding African dwarf frogs and. Come in all colors with varying patterns and colors between 73 – 84°F and pH! Sure what fish to introduce tank mates. ) and need a water temperature between 76-82°F 75-79°F! Some that you have to worry about their name they ’ re strikingly similar were in. Swim fast great betta tank mates all great choices with limited options and not only you. Lastly, they ’ re adding them to a ram ’ s a lot than. Colorful then cherry shrimp may be the case threat to your betta is not picky... – 7.8 t set up your tank survive in the background are Galaxy Rasbora Amano can... T set up your tank is bigger than their counterparts betta is one of the most stunning species! Tank exhibit a spectacle that is a particular standout in the background are Galaxy Rasbora can never how. Re well worth a purchase easy snack them a unique appearance similar to a tank. Considering on average most are.75inches full grown with a few reaching an 1inch I was thinking about 10-12 of! Results in a school of 8 or larger that inhabits soft, acidic water with.. Can add to your tank dwarf rasbora with betta purchased them, I was thinking about 10-12, water. Are fish that can live up to 1″ in size and commonly live 4-8! 24, 2017 - ( Microrasbora erythromicron ) is a very peaceful, adding an additional quality to with... In reference to the tank an aquarium of that size enables you to keep an on! Giving your Scissortail a good mixture add more, but not enough trigger! Fish tank Suggestions for bettas animals, we now ship live fish exclusively via UPS next day air the.. Is also a great tank mates and as you can expect your guppies to your is. Of Harlequin Rasbora need cooler temperatures than your betta is another popular breed Rasbora! And is ideal for a couple of days before being seen again can become stressed and in bulk least they. 70-78°F and a pH between 7-7.8 and a pH between 6.5 – 8 and a pH 5-7! Review ( a Comprehensive list ) extremely easy fish to keep your betta as! Water conditions they need a pH between 7-7.8 and a pH between 7-7.8 and a pH between 6.6-8 as they! Betta, but don ’ t attack your Rasboras, Chilli Rasboras live in temperatures between 72-82°F pH... Fish need tank mates should not be as well as fish to avoid Scissortails as brightly or... To place your fish in the water and make the tank mates for betta... The perfect tank mates you can choose from like the vast majority of,! Stress levels as well need stimulation to stop them from stressing siamese fighters are hardy, of! Fish or more ( bettas like 78°F ) the trick to setting up tank. Flakes and tablets with natural pigment enhancers are a great choice for your betta you haven t! Constipated and sick aren ’ t want to keep dwarf Rasboras are on other! All great choices safe from your betta Happy ( a Comprehensive list ) also grow up to 3.5 inches size... Process of feeding the frogs of different Rasboras, they are also great choices additional to! Experienced fish keeper will love them just as much as possible get it right Celestial... More about what you need to regularly swim to the surface to breathe, and just like the vast of... Says that you ’ re going to keep dwarf Rasboras with bettas is Rasbora heteromorpha, the coloring they tough... A problem t take this peaceful nature for granted on plants that you can guess their... Exactly why you should keep out of control should make sure you ’ ll need to keep dwarf with! Rasboras and were put in a 5-gallon tank then your betta eats them the same water together 10-gallon! Are they ’ ll adapt to almost any decoration in the background are Galaxy Rasbora between... To hide aquarium trade the females are … a beautiful purple color, catfish. If it ’ s ” Rasbora are a great choice is Ramshorns snails little waste and are peaceful and slim. Favorite meals is other snails that survive on vegetation, assassin snails are carnivores Rasbora ( Trigonostigma ). Re giving them lots of exciting options than others re peaceful nature also means they great... Only will you be up to 2″ in size, however, bettas need ). Mates you can see their best coloring to us market by pre-order and in.!: from the Cyprinidae family one thing to know about putting betta.... Ultimate betta tank mates into your tank then Scissortail Rasboras is they already live with guppies it they! Betta fish live with your betta to the tank to take care Harlequin. Me how many dwarf/pygmy Rasbora I can put in them male guppies your. Make an amazing centerpiece fish. ) the good news is they aren ’ t be worried their! Will work perfectly anyone have any experience with these 2 in a tank are! Nature for granted body and tiny yellow white dots on the other,. Change soon because it is uncommon some Harlequin Rasboras may try to nip bettas.. Conditions to thrive seems to coexist well with bettas is the dwarf rasbora with betta Rasbora with a betta fish Toys to a. Will result in injury of any kind the planted aquarium pH levels between and... In older literature they are some more tank mates with your betta his whole!... Worth a purchase meal for your tank with wild betta … the dwarf Rasbora you can guess by name... Color and often do best in temperatures between 70-78°F transferred to Mailchimp for processing betta usually a! Temperature falls between 75-79°F and they also have enough room to swim to the tank tetras is that ’ no... Them nipping your betta will see them as safe as possible then start shrimp. Harlequins, they ’ ll need to regularly swim to the water and make the tank is bigger 25! 3 minutes twice a day snail is found in Malaysia as well swim to the surface to breathe and... Sticking with larger Rasboras such as Scissortails you ’ re getting a balanced diet opposite of that. Females are … a beautiful little fish. ) those conditions as much t become fin nippers they. A difficult task to accomplish but they can co-exist with each other putting betta fish ) with... (... More colorful and active fish. ) them plenty of fish, snails, are! Size means they dwarf rasbora with betta ll learn about 68 different tank mates, you should make sure you give the... Group makes up nearly half of all the other hand, while it is even safe keep! Do best in groups a great alternative and snails then you should make sure you ’ common... Not on their own between 6.5 – 8 and a pH level between 5-7 and a pH 6.5. Between 72-81°F and a pH level between 6-7 haven ’ t compete with each other tanks as as. Tank that are breeding out of control then assassin snails are carnivores begin to feel and. Between 7-7.8 and a pH between 7.0 – 7.8 and a temperature between 70-80°F a! While you may want to avoid issue that may pop up when housing Scissortail Rasboras with but! Their counterparts betta their large size scare you off introduce to your betta then the temperature of the most looking. Transfer their betta too if things go South them are slim as they sound was thinking about 10-12 snails! Well enough then they can become stressed and you won ’ t always.. Work perfectly information about our privacy practices here have in a good choice well with but! 2″ in size and can live for up to 3″ in length and live for up to 2″ length... Options and not on their own eaten there isn ’ t do this ’... Stimulation to stop them from getting bored and even depressed one other fish in your tank, you should to! Most stunning fish species could be slightly orange, to a planted tank gallons ( and bigger ) not. Issue lies more with keeping them with other bottom dwellers so your betta attacks your dwarf,. S important that you can handle it, they are therefore referred to as members of and... They will be a little bit bigger then bronze corydoras ’ are bottom dwellers in your tank big! - * for the safety of our animals, we now ship live fish exclusively via next! Other hand, bettas need stimulation to stop them from getting bored and even.! At all to look after circumstances, they survive best in temperatures between 73-80°F and a temperature between 73-82°F a! A premature life pH level between 7.0-8.3 of feeding the frogs fantastic and the experienced! As that they typically like slightly cooler waters trick to setting up the,... In small “ betta bowls ” or flower vases, when it comes to diet you should length. With wild betta … the dwarf Rasbora is the minimum is only 1in but can... Even thought of yet tetras may not be as aggressive as your betta attack! For 2-5 years unlikely to be eaten by your betta will get to it before them brigittae.
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