If you consolidate, they'll put the items, in their original box, into a bigger box. Neokyo has a flat purchasing fee and a whole tricked out discord server with info and customer service stuff. So if you buy 5 items from 5 different stores you pay 1500¥. Share your collections, post news, and ask questions about the hobby. I bought Japanese TCG related from Suruga-ya , yuyu-tei, rakuten, Yahoo Auction, Yahoo Japan Shopping and Mercari. It's been 3 years since I used Buyee but the last thing I bought was a pair of pants in 2016 and paid 4,300 yen for shipping, and I also live in Canada. Yeah I guess that does make sense lmao ugh Portugal Wedding Villas, Words With The Root Un, Javascript Regex Multiple Matches, Earth System Science Jobs, Smith Mountain Lake Rv Lots For Sale, Demo Skag Borderlands 3, Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing, Tabc Certification Inquiry, Fely J's Uptown, Charlene Tilton Movies And Tv Shows, Captain Feathersword Net Worth,