SPINN for You and your Family

Many of us live with some form of chronic medical condition – diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure or Alzheimer's disease. And for every person living with chronic medical conditions, there is at least one more family member, friend or guardian who is also deeply involved in managing that chronic illness.

Would that person be a son or daughter struggling to keep parents at home. A pregnant woman struggling to manage gestational diabetes. A businessman recently diagnosed with a heart condition that requires careful management of medications, exercise and diet to ensure that his blood is neither too thick nor too thin. These are just few of the people who need answers and help in finding the best solution for themselves, a family member or friend. They need access to all the complex information from all the different sources, available when and where it is needed while still protecting privacy.

No longer do you need to open that old file box stuffed with reports, medical bills, insurance papers and all kinds of things from dozens of sources because now there is a better solution, SPINN.

SPINN keeps your family connected to each other and to your healthcare team by providing convenient access to your personal health information—anytime, anyplace. SPINN is designed to increase the quality of healthcare, lower cost and improve your family’s health by making critical information available when and where it’s needed. Reduce your healthcare costs by avoiding duplicate tests and providing easy yet secure access to billing and insurance information. Have peace of mind, knowing that you will not be alone in an emergency because SPINN’s automatic notification feature lets your loved ones know when you are receiving medical attention.

SPINN simplifies the way you manage chronic disease through a variety of tools:
  • Test results can be loaded directly from the lab—you don’t need to type in all that information yourself.
  • Readings from home health monitoring devices, like glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, weight scales and other devices can be automatically uploaded to HealthVault, where SPINN gives you the tools to use that information.
  • Set triggers to warn you when important medical issues need your attention.
  • Monitor the health of your loved ones by making sure their test results are normal, they are taking their medications, and making their doctor appointments.

Patient Advocacy

It is estimated that about 25 percent of the population lives with a chronic medical condition. If we include family, loved ones and guardians, it is reasonable to expect that at least half of the population is directly or indirectly affected by chronic illness.

At White Pine Systems, we recognize the critical role that patient advocacy plays in helping families deal with chronic illness each and every day.

SPINNphr is designed to complement and support the critical role played by patient advocacy groups. SPINNphr can be private-labeled and linked to the advocacy web site. The patient advocacy group can decide how SPINNphr can best be incorporated into their community support program. We work with patient advocates to make sure that the advocacy group and your members are able to play an active role in managing your healthcare. SPINN is looking for pilot organizations that wish to offer a personal health record to their membership. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities and playing a leadership role, please contact us.

Your Activity Life

At White Pine Systems, we are big believers in healthy lifestyles. We are committed to developing solutions that bring the benefit of personal health records systems to any setting.

Our first healthy lifestyle application is the SPINN Medical Event Tracking Application (SPINN META) which is designed for races, triathlons and other sporting events. We've formed a partnership with ChronoTrack Systems, LLC, a premier provider of timing systems used at races across the country. The ChronoTrack road race timing system, with its "D" timing tag, allows race organizers to print an integrated bib and tag for each participant, encoding the runner's bib number into the tag's RFID chip at the time of printing. The peel-off, disposable portion of the bib becomes a tag that runners attach to their shoes. Times are recorded when the runner crosses a mat at the starting line, finish line and other points along the route, resulting in accurate timing for individual runners.

In a medical emergency, the same timing tags can be scanned by medical staff using the SPINN META installed on an off-the-shelf PDA with an RFID reader. SPINN META will retrieve and present the runner's personal health information. Medical staff can also enter information about the medical emergency including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and disposition. This information can be viewed on-line by hospital staff.

In addition to providing critical information to the medical staff, SPINNphr can be programmed to automatically send an email or text message to the runner's friends or family, letting them know that the runner is receiving medical attention and providing them with information about how to contact the healthcare provider.

We are always interested in adding races and events to use this application. If you are an event organizer who would like to use SPINN META, please contact us.