We started SWGOH.GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work. The damage numbers listed reflect Heroic Tier values. CG_SBCrumb. Tools Mods Advisor tools for SWGoH. and still room to grow in terms of zetas, since fives hasn't gotten his yet. Top 20 3v3 GAC Teams November 2020! Legendary event? But again, not being 501st is rough. Please note you must only make use of this megathread if you're seeking very personalized advice and it's a weekday. I pray you are wrong lmao. Then it would be Skywalker, rex, echo, 5s, and snips. The longer we can keep her alive, the longer she can give retribution to the team from her unique. TEXT_9. di Mei 06, 2020. … | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Posted by 10 months ago. … Clones are cool and look like a lot of fun!! 6* Rex G10 6* Fives G8 5* Echo G8 5* Cody G8 5* CS G8. 10:43 Fun team ideas for your 5v5 Grand Arena! Cody zeta clone team does some serious damage to p2 aat. Daily Team Building Megathread - 03 January 2020. Whichever new clone comes out with a 501st tag that gives Crit Damage Up to allies. Join us as we predict the future for 2020, talk about CG's big month (financially) in December, the return of Sky Guy and much more! He or She made this. 28 Views. Take note: this does NOT edit an existing entry, but creates a NEW one! Swgoh Best Ship Team 2020: TEXT_7. I already have Rex and 5's at G11, Sarge 7* G9, and Echo and Cody are "in development" (both G8 at 6 and 5 star respectively). December 25, 2020 | SWGoH Login Character and Events Calendar Released for January 2021; Search for: Home Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Enter the four pieces of information above into the program and click the "Fetch Data" button. [212th attack, Veers Mass attack] Also try to avoid the debuffs going on from Cassian, k2so and Baze. WTF!" Teambuilding. The other options are GK or clone sarge. Find the next event dates, history, tips & tricks, & rumors in EA's Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. Is it meta? mistakes. Whichever other clone you use as fifth, they’re both attackers that won’t last long. Clones are not viable in Arena says most people (in case Locian is around) because they lack certain team aspects that are needed currently. Commander Luke Skywalker, Jedi Training Rey, Chewbacca, Thrawn, Yoda, and more. Specifically because Clones are my favorite part of the SW universe. B-team 5 bounty hunters. Then play this game. The November 2019 General Skywalker Soft Counter Guide Star Wars. TEXT_8. Bladebacca’s clone team which first debuted last week has been appearing in many arena shards and already has 76 rank 1 teams according to Swgoh.gg Meta Report despite the extreme level of commitment that relics demand to make the team arena ready. Team Guide. The game was developed by Capital Games, and published by Electronic Arts. Characters like Rex and Fives have other applications as well outside the Clone squad so you will have use for them in other comps as well. So with the new clones it’s clearly shaak ti lead, echo, fives, and Rex. They might not be meta for arena, but there are 2 raids and GW where you'll need more than 1 team. Zkylo Solo Vs Full Clone Team Swgalaxyofheroes. Then when GR reworks occur, itll be padme, jka, gk, and then 2 reworked GR jedi (I'm thinking maybe mace and aayla), I’m mostly with you there, however I think gk will be dropped from Padme team and thrown into a Cody team. Given some of the appearances in the Geo TB, I would bet good money on Ponds and possibly one (or more) of the following becoming playable: ARC Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Clone Medic, Clone Captain, or Clone Trooper. Why Choose Droids in "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes?" A simple guild inspection/management tool for the mobile game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes".