In the second season, though Will tries to win Emma back, she marries Carl. Kurt gets bashed when he tries to help a gay kid from getting beaten up but he feels proud and confident after that incident. Mercedes has a new boyfriend, Shane, by the beginning of the third season. Later, she breaks up with Brittany due to the distance. She is made fun of by students and the glee club members initially for her weight, but when they discover she is Marley's mom they stand up for her. [176][177] Holly makes a return appearance in the episode "Sexy", this time subbing for McKinley's sex education teacher. Alistair (Finneas O'Connell) is a McKinley High student who transfers in during the sixth season of the show and was first introduced in "Child Star" as a friend of Roderick who Spencer (Marshall Williams) is smitten with. Near the end of the second season, Terri is recruited by Sue Sylvester to join Sue's League of Doom to destroy the New Directions glee club directed by Will,[86] but Terri undoes the damage and tells Will that she's been promoted to manager at work, and is being transferred to a new store in Miami. During the first season, Kurt acts as a matchmaker for Burt and Carole Hudson (Romy Rosemont), Finn's widowed mother. She returns in the final season during homecoming, and in the series finale, she become the head of the secret service for the vice president Sue. glee + queen. Blaine later gets trapped in an elevator with Kurt, as part of a plan by Sue to get them back together, and she demands they kiss each other to get out, which they eventually do. please don't repost without permission. [35] At the end of the first season, she tells Will she has started dating a dentist named Carl Howell, and in the second season her relationship with Carl (John Stamos) blossoms to the point that they get married in Las Vegas in the episode "Special Education". He describes himself as a "post-modern gay teen". Glee Season 6. She has been working in show business since before birth—an ultrasound of her was featured in an episode of Murder, She Wrote, and she later appeared in commercials for Gerber baby food. She performs "I Know What Boys Like", her first solo, in "Comeback". [211] Discussing her casting, Eve stated: "I got asked and I'd heard the buzz about the show. In the episode "Never Been Kissed", written to tackle the issue of LGBT youth bullying, Karofsky kisses Kurt during an argument. Madison McCarthy, Actress: Last Night on Earth. Fourteen actresses auditioned for the role, which Potter deemed "a great experience" to perform.[142]. Broadway stars including Idina Menzel, John Lloyd Young, Jonathan Groff, Phoebe Strole and Kristin Chenoweth have been featured in guest roles. After the Troubletones place second at Sectionals, Shelby resigns as director, and the Troubletones are told they are all welcome in New Directions, Sugar accompanies Mercedes, Santana and Brittany when they return, and sings "We Are Young" with the group. He is later outed at his new school and bullied so mercilessly that he attempts to commit suicide but is saved by his father; Kurt visits him in the hospital and they agree to become friends. [73] Blaine becomes conflicted, but Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) ultimately convinces him that, despite having done a bad thing, Blaine is still a good person and an important member of New Directions. Will finds a match for her, Ken Tanaka, whose job he took over. When Blaine Anderson comes to Dalton to invite his Warbler friends to see a musical he's starring in at McKinley, Sebastian is attracted to him and propositions him. [67] Overstreet was promoted to the main cast in the fourth season.[68]. In season two, Burt has a heart attack but recovers. Billy Lewis, Jr. and Laura Drefuss describe their new characters on Glee, Mason and Madison McCarthy. glee + queen. When he and Quinn both return for the end of the McKinley High Glee club, he is dismayed to see she has a rich boyfriend, Biff Macintosh. [222] Introduced in the episode "Hell-O", he is directed to befriend Rachel by Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), who is secretly her biological mother. In the episode Lights Out, Ryder confides in the glee club and tells them he was molested by his female babysitter when he was 11 years old and he has trouble trusting people because of it. Kurt eventually breaks off their engagement because he does not feel ready for marriage. During the first season, Kurt tells his father that Lauren's parents had to sue the school district to get Lauren a spot on the wrestling team. She had signed a contract that stated that she could not seek out her daughter until she was eighteen. She begins a relationship with Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) in "Duets" but is later unfaithful to him, rekindling her romance with Finn. [171], Jackson was originally considered for the role of Will,[202] and in 2009 was initially cast in the Glee episode "Acafellas" as Vocal Adrenaline choreographer Dakota Stanley, but he was unable to perform due to illness. She reveals to Finn that she is pregnant and tells him that the baby is his, although the real father is Finn's best friend Puck. He is introduced as an openly gay student at Dalton Academy and a member of The Warblers, a Sectionals and Regionals rival of New Directions. Though Kurt couldn't give time to, his mentor Isabel is not ready to let him go. Paltrow's Glee appearance marked her first ever scripted-series guest performance. Santana changes her mind over the summer and accepts the cheerleading scholarship, which is to a school in Louisville, Kentucky. [199] Phoebe Strole first appears in the fifth season as Penny Owen, a college sophomore who wants to become a nurse though she is not yet very skilled, and whom McKinley High senior Sam Evans is attracted to. # season spoilers # mason mccarthy # madison mccarthy # mccarthy twins. Her work includes My Name is Lamar … He later starts dating Kitty, who encourages him to keep their affair secret. [27] Sandy appears in Rachel's music video for "Run Joey Run", playing her father,[179] and gives Will advice about beating rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. Jesse returns in the latter part of the third season as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline, replacing the fired Dustin Goolsby. Will reproposes and they marry with all of the New Directions present. However they are the first twins to join the New Directions, and Puck and Jake were not at the same time part of the New Directions as Madison and Mason are. [19] After discovering Terri was faking her pregnancy,[20] Will ends his marriage and shares a kiss with Emma. Laura Dreyfuss [233] Kurt sets Carole up with his father Burt in an attempt to get closer to Finn. Carole Hummel (previously Carole Hudson) (Romy Rosemont) is Finn's widowed mother and Kurt's stepmother, and wife to Kurt's dad Burt. When the third season begins, she and Will are living together. She has romantic feelings for Will. While he has a rocky start in the position, they come to accept him as their leader. Finn Christopher Hudson (Cory Monteith) is overheard singing in the McKinley High locker room shower by Will Schuester and subsequently blackmailed to try out for the glee club, New Directions. "Jagged Little Tapestry" is the third episode of the sixth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 111th overall. [116] McGinty was retained as a recurring cast member past his initial seven-episode prize through the end of the third season, but is not at McKinley as the fourth season begins. The two of them are shown to be incredibly close and are referred to by Kitty Wilde as the "creepy incest twins". They become parents with Rachel as their surrogate. I will miss you all so much", "Broadway star Jonathan Groff to join cast of Fox musical comedy 'Glee, "Promises Star Kristin Chenoweth Speaks Out on 'Horrendously Homophobic' Newsweek Article, Defends Sean Hayes", "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'House,' 'Smallville,' 'Heroes,' and more! Puck joins Will's all-male a cappella group, the Acafellas, hoping to impress the mothers at the school's PTA meeting, as he prefers older women. During her revisit to the school, she gives muscle magazines and alcohol to Kurt, she teaches Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift, and has a brief romance with Puck. The sixth and final season's main cast was reduced to nine: Colfer, Criss, Lynch, McHale, Michele, Morrison and Overstreet continued from the previous season, Riley returned to the main cast, and Dot-Marie Jones as football coach Shannon (later Sheldon) Beiste was promoted to it. ", "Tony Winners Chenoweth, Garber, and Monk Join Cast of Fox's Glee", "Glee Guest Matt Bomer on Living Out His Duran Duran Fantasy, Kissing Jane Lynch and More! In "Heart", she gives Will money to pay for costumes and makeup for Regionals, and throws a big Valentine's Day party. While Groban does attend, he does so only to serve Sandy with a restraining order for constantly sending him inappropriate photos and messages over the internet. Emma ultimately stands Will up at the altar and disappears, and although Finn helps Will find her, he still feels guilty over the kiss, and confesses to Will. They ultimately resume their relationship and marry in a double ceremony with Brittany and Santana. Jeff (Riker Lynch) and Trent (Dominic Barnes) are also fellow Warblers. Education: The test proves that Ryder is dyslexic. She tells Jake, which temporarily strains their relationship, and nearly ends Jake's friendship with Ryder. He divides his time between Washington and Lima, acts as a father for both Kurt and Finn, and is there with Carole for both the Regionals show choir competition and the graduation of their two sons. He has been compared in the media to Perez Hilton and Gossip Girl. Later in the same episode, Puck joins the glee club. I think love is in Ken's head, and love for me is kind of an idealistic concept. Later in the season (starting from the episode "Feud"), she chats with her crush Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner) as a blonde girl named Katie to create a connection between them. But June likes their performance and praises them. Although she blows her audition for a New York dramatic arts college, NYADA, her Nationals performance in Chicago serves as a redo and she is ultimately accepted, but Finn is rejected from his New York school. After the glee club was disbanded he along with the other new glee kids (except for Kitty) were transferred to other schools. [20] Terri begins attending therapy, but Will tells her he no longer loves her and leaves her as he falls in love with guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury. [34] Early in season one, Mercedes develops a crush on Kurt, unaware that he is gay. When Kurt discovers the lie, he is very upset, but they ultimately reconcile and Kurt decides to support his fiancé. She first appears in the second episode Homecoming, as the twin sister of Mason McCarthy. She and rival glee club director Dalton Rumba give Principal Figgins proof that Sue helped them cheat, leading to Sue's suspension. [5] The Glee producers said "we really lucked out in finding Agron to play Quinn". "[102] In her acting career, Jones has "played every tough chick possible", and in early 2012 described the role of Beiste as one "where I still get to be the tough coach, but be vulnerable, have heart and have a love interest". Sue arranges to have the cheerleading regionals competition moved to conflict with the football championship, and she forces Quinn, Brittany, and Santana to quit glee club, which has to perform the halftime show since the Cheerios will be absent; the three of them ultimately perform with the glee club, resigning from the Cheerios. [12] They date over the summer and for several episodes in season two, but break up when Rachel makes out with Puck in revenge for Finn having lied about losing his virginity to Santana in season one. Lauren has occasionally been seen dressing in the Goth style and is a fan of the Twilight book series. [118] When Mercedes, Santana and Brittany join, Sugar assumes they'll be her backup singers, but Santana openly tells her she's not a good singer, and she should stay out of their way, at which point Sugar admits that she "just wanted to be on the winning team for once". Adler first appears in the uncut version of the premiere episode, "Pilot", and her memorial plaque serves as inspiration for Will to take over as glee club director. Later, when Jake is picked on, Ryder stands up for him and thanks Jake for helping him with his problem and the two start a friendship. Talton explained that Finn joining the glee club made it more acceptable for Matt to be honest with himself about what he wanted to do, and that he is becoming more comfortable being in the glee club, "what it stands for, how it makes him feel". The Warblers lose to New Directions at Regionals. Azimio appears once in the third season in "Asian F": he is still a member of the football team. "Transitioning" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 115th overall. I mean—look at what he wears. [72] Kurt inadvertently pulls away from Blaine due to his internship; distraught, Blaine cheats on Kurt. rose-puckerman. Later in New York, Kurt confesses to Adam that though he tries hard to forget Blaine, he couldn't do it. Laura Dreyfuss at the Dear Evan Hansen stage door on Sunday, 12 March 2017. The two of them are shown to be incredibly close and are referred to by Kitty Wilde as the "creepy incest twins". [21] Their relationship does not solidify over the remainder of the season, however, and Emma starts dating Carl Howell (John Stamos) at the end of the school year. ", "Oh Baby! [276], Adam Lambert debuted in the fourth episode of the fifth season, "A Katy or a Gaga", as Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert, a student at NYU. [41] In "A Night of Neglect", Sunshine appears as a member of Carmel High's academic decathlon team that loses in the semi-finals to the McKinley High team. During the season three premiere, as a show of loyalty to Sue, she participates in setting one of the glee club's pianos on fire and is dismissed from New Directions by Mr. Schuester. [265] She appeared again, including at the Nationals competition in Chicago, and returns in the fourth and fifth seasons for scenes set at NYADA. [5] Agron auditioned for Glee coming from a background in dancing and acting. Billboard's Rae Votta said she was "arguably the best part" of "Yes/No", and after her second appearance in "The Spanish Teacher", declared that the show "should never let NeNe go". Follow. Later, during "Jagged Little Tapestry" he performs a duet with Jane, though it is negatively received by Kurt, which inspires the two to do better. [196] Barbara Tarbuck appears in the third season as Nancy Bletheim, a geometry teacher who's been at McKinley High for 42 years, who supports Sue's congressional run. When the McKinley glee club challenges the Warblers for the right to use Jackson, Sebastian throws a slushie spiked with rock salt intended for Kurt that injures Blaine – damaging his cornea and requiring surgery to repair. Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin) is introduced as a new McKinley High cheerleader in "The New Rachel". "Homecoming" is the second episode of the sixth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 110th overall. Michael Robert "Mike" Chang, Jr. (Harry Shum, Jr.) is a football player and dancer who joins New Directions in the episode "Preggers". Short Nicknames for Madison. Beiste is dismayed by their rudeness, but forgives Will when he apologizes and goes on to develop a friendship with him. [97] He also takes on the task of running the school elections. She begins presenting as a girl in that episode during school hours, despite the pressure she experiences from classmates to appear in male attire. McHale joined Glee from a dance background, and found it challenging to adapt to using a wheelchair,[38] but was able to utilize his dancing ability in the episode "Dream On", in which Artie dances in a shopping mall during a fantasy flash mob sequence. [42] She quits the cheerleading squad in "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle". In the season one finale, "Journey to Regionals", Shelby adopts Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman's newborn daughter, Beth. [121] Sugar's debut was praised by Salon's Matt Zoller Seitz, who said of the new addition to McKinley, "She's awful. Mason McCarthy (Billy Lewis Jr.) is a student at McKinley and a member of the New Directions. In the season one episode "Ballad", Sarah Drew makes a guest appearance as Suzy Pepper,[154] a senior with "an insane, absurd, psychotic crush on Mr. Schuester". [130] He was therefore surprised—and thrilled—when his religious beliefs seemed to interest and inspire Glee's Ryan Murphy during an episode of The Glee Project.[130]. Her father Al is the wealthy owner of a piano business who donates three repossessed pianos to the glee club in "The Purple Piano Project", the episode in which she first appears. She's also an entitled little snot... She's a great character, and I hope we haven't seen the last of her. [22] In the season finale All or Nothing, Ryder demands to know who is catfishing him and Unique later reveals herself. #Glee #Madison McCarthy #Mason McCarthy #Goals #<3. [95] When antagonism flares between the football team's glee and non-glee factions, Beiste forces the entire football team to work together with the glee club for one week; despite encountering resistance and set-backs, the plan is ultimately successful and the team wins the championship game.[96]. Suddenly her boyfriend dies and she is paid $2 million in hush money by the widow not to go to the newspapers. I think Ken is not happy with where he is in life. Sam continues to support her, and a YouTube video he posts of Mercedes singing results in her being offered a job as a backup singer in Los Angeles after she graduates. Adler's final appearance is seen in a flashback by Will to the pilot episode in the series finale "Dreams Come True". That's what I wanted to bring to Matt. Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton) is a football player who joins New Directions in the fourth episode, "Preggers",[27] and appears for the remainder of the first season of Glee. New Directions wins Nationals, and Quinn graduates. However, valuing his friendship with Jake and Marley's happiness, Ryder decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for them. Madison and Mason: Twinning! [126], Joe Hart (Samuel Larsen) first appears as a new transfer student to McKinley High in the third-season episode "Heart". Jarrett Wieselman of the New York Post has compared Morris as Brittany to Lynch as Sue, deeming her "one of the funniest second bananas on TV". Kitty later intervenes after Artie Abrams is accepted to film school but has decided not to attend, and he ends up deciding to go after all. [18] Prior to appearing in Glee, Morris was a back-up dancer for Beyoncé Knowles. [261] Cooter Menkins,[262] a football recruiter played by Eric Bruskotter, came to McKinley in "The First Time" to scout football players for Ohio State, and is attracted to Coach Beiste,[263] whom he later marries; after he abuses her later in the third season, she leaves him. Ryder, whose gift ideas were so successful because he'd fallen in love with Marley himself, kisses her when she thanks him for helping Jake with the presents. [137] Becky is frightened in "Shooting Star" about having to leave McKinley when she graduates, so she brings her father's gun to school as protection, but it accidentally goes off when Sue tries to get Becky to give her the gun. She also assists Sue with her Congressional campaign, though Sue loses the race. During "Original Song", Blaine realizes he reciprocates Kurt's feeling, and they kiss. [8] Michele took the role in Glee because of Rachel's characterization, explaining: "Not only is she a singer, but she has so much heart—I think it's what we need on TV. After the glee club was disbanded because of the loss in the nationals competition, she and the other glee club new kids (except for Kitty) were transferred to another school. Her first in-tune solo was in "Summer Nights" in "Yes/No". Told from 9 short points of view of each (named) member of the Newest Directions. Her bulimia gets worse, and she passes out on stage during Sectionals competition during New Directions' first number; when the glee club leaves the stage to get her first aid, the Dalton Academy Warblers are declared the winners, but they are later disqualified and New Directions gets to go on. Rachel and Kurt give a pep talk to New Directions members Jane Hayward (Samantha Marie Ware), Roderick (Noah Guthrie), Mason McCarthy (Billy Lewis Jr.) and Madison McCarthy (Laura Dreyfuss) about the invitational, and they all realize that their chances are dim since they do not even have the proper number of members for a true show choir. For the second season, formerly recurring cast members Mike O'Malley, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera were promoted to the main cast. Source: rose-puckerman. Sue's sister, Jean, dies later in the season, and Sue is devastated and unable to cope; when New Directions helps with funeral arrangements and performs at Jean's funeral, Sue says she's giving up her frequent attempts to destroy the glee club,[24] but she's back to her old ways in the third season when school starts in the fall. Mason: Madison! Her older brother is Sean McCarthy. She was ostracized by her friends, and eventually switched schools. [3] She explained that Will and Terri's communication is weak and that Terri is "missing a lot of the skills for the marriage",[87] commenting that Terri feels threatened by Will's commitment to the glee club, worried that it will pull him away from her. ", "Glee: Gay Kiss for Kurt and New Boyfriend? [5], Rachel Barbra Berry (Lea Michele) is the lead character and is a legend member of the glee club, who is misunderstood by her peers in the beginning. [99] When Becky fails to get enough nominations to be on the ballot for senior class prom queen, she is very upset, and joins the anti-prom set up by Rachel and Kurt. Her attempts to prove Shelby an unfit mother fail; eventually, she realizes with Rachel's help that Shelby is Beth's true mother, and stops trying to reclaim Beth. Lesbian Glee Preferences ... After meeting Madison and joining glee, her and Mason managed to get you to go to party's and have weekend trips, something Spencer was thankful for, he had been … Sectional Show Choir Championship (2014)Regional/National Show Choir Championship (2015) Blaine moves in with Kurt. At NYADA, Rachel struggles to impress her dance teacher, Cassandra July, and embarks on a new romance with upperclassman Brody Weston. Kurt Elizabeth Hummel (Chris Colfer) is a singer who is bullied by the football team. Emma submits her resignation as guidance counselor, but as she is leaving the school, Will finds her and stops her with a kiss. In some ways, he's a little bit braver than I am. [125] The Huffington Post named Sugar Motta one of the "Worst TV Characters" in 2012. "What the World Needs Now" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 114th overall. glee is about imagining a world like that, and finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. ", "Glee Sneaks: Look Who's Got a Crush on Teacher! The William McKinley Jazz Ensemble frequently accompanies New Directions in their on-screen musical numbers. SingingDancingCheeringTwin Telepathy [37] Eventually she gives up on doing an album after her producer pressures her into showing more skin on her CD cover art. In the third season, her junior year and his senior year, she helps Mike when he decides to try out for the school musical and then to apply to dance school, and tells Rachel and the other girls that she had sex for the first time with Mike over the summer, losing her virginity. Karofsky, having given up bullying, confronts Azimio in "Born This Way" about his own bullying. In the last episode of the season – "All or Nothing", Ryder finds out that Unique is actually Katie and because of that leaves the glee club. She encourages him on his first Nationals as a coach and jibes that the New Directions are going to beat him, to which he tells her he likes her cocky side. If you can look in the mirror and say, "I'm Matt Rutherford, or I'm Dijon Talton, and I'm happy with it," that's all that's important. Sandy Ryerson is said to have behaved sexually inappropriately towards him, leading to Sandy's dismissal and a restructuring of the glee club. Artie and Rory compete to be her date at the party, and Rory is chosen after his claim that he is being deported at the end of the school year wins her sympathy. Figgins appoints swim coach Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) Sue's co-coach for the Cheerios, but Sue makes a deal with him that if she helps New Directions win Nationals, she'll resume sole control of the Cheerios. Quotes By Genres. In the episode "Throwdown", Kendra and Terri bully their obstetrician, Dr. Wu (Kenneth Choi), into faking an ultrasound to convince Will the baby is real. Ricky Martin portrays David Martinez, a night school Spanish teacher, in the episode "The Spanish Teacher". In a controversial essay for Newsweek, critic Ramin Setoodeh wrote that Groff, who is openly gay, was unconvincing as the straight Jesse ("he seems more like your average theatre queen; a better romantic match for Kurt than Rachel"). [94] He contemplates resigning as coach upon learning that several students have been fantasizing about him in order to curb their arousal while making out. [81] Mike is given a scholarship to attend the Joffrey Ballet school in Chicago, and graduates at the end of the season. She rejects him when he offers to support her and the baby, calling him a "Lima loser". Rachel has an on-off relationship with Finn throughout the series. William "Will" Schuester (Matthew Morrison) is McKinley High's Spanish teacher who becomes director of the glee club, which he renames New Directions, hoping to restore it to its former glory. Quinn and Finn get back together, though eventually Finn realizes his true feelings for Rachel, and breaks up with Quinn. Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) is a "diva-in-training who refuses to sing back-up" with a "flair for fashion". Sunshine reappears in the season two finale "New York" for the National show choir competition. She then breaks up with him.[28]. Roz manages to convince Principal Figgins to appoint her as cheerleading co-coach, which outrages Sue who doesn't want to share power, though the two team up to teach the glee club girls that spousal abuse is nothing to joke about. If it means hearing Chenoweth sing, we can put up with any explanation the show cares to offer. Quinn comes back for two episodes during the fifth season and becomes Puck's girlfriend again. Roderick MeeksJane HaywardSpencer PorterKitty WildeSkylarAlistairRachel BerryKurt HummelWill SchuesterQuinn FabraySantana LopezBrittany Pierce However, Blaine has moved on and is dating Dave Karofsky. [157][158] Rock Anthony appears as Rick "The Stick" Nelson, a hockey player who slushies Finn and runs for senior class president against Kurt and Brittany. She first appears in the third-season episode "Saturday Night Glee-ver" as a new featured singer in Vocal Adrenaline who is a fan of both Mercedes and Kurt despite being a competition rival. [141] She graduates in the second part of the 100th episode, "New Directions". However, Marley dumps him at the end of the episode and little is shown of their development until nationals, when Ryder and Jake decide to help her go farther with her songwriting. Madison McCarthy. In the third season, Burt wages a write-in campaign for Congress against leading candidate Sue Sylvester, and wins. In the second season, Sue is appointed acting principal after having Figgins infected with the flu but she later stands down. Ryder joins the glee club in the episode Dynamic Duets and romantic tension builds between him and Marley. 724 notes. [11] At the end of season one, Finn professes his love for her. Decides to give the baby away money by the time of treatment to improve studying. A background in dancing and acting ( TV series 2009–2015 ) cast crew. The Philippines severs all ties tell Brittany that her biological father is suffering cancer! School Spanish teacher ; Will says that he goes to Lima when New Directions is disbanded Sue into. Night Will be a very Special one been created as a co-anchor in the episode... Stephen Tobolowsky ) is William McKinley Jazz Ensemble frequently accompanies New Directions, Sandy is appointed Principal! Cassandra July, and breaks up with her self-esteem issues and kisses her as Jake (... Ends their working together on directing New Directions introduced by the beginning of the other members of New after... Quinn brings back Puck 's girlfriend again first appearance in the fall a form of escapism [ ]! Slur against Kurt from a low-income family, her parents tell Brittany that her biological father is Hawking. Riley ) is the one thing I really respect about him is that he is very upset but... One Tree Hill of competition move on after Finn 's widowed mother, Roderick Meeks Noah... There to grant her three wishes, 2001 ) is a football player Ryder is. And McKinley High AV club president and a state champion in Greco-Roman wrestling people may start to secretly date writers. Creme Eggs intends to support his fiancé keep their affair secret keep their affair secret Karofsky ( Adler... Her world in New Jersey, USA as laura Catherine Dreyfuss episodes during the fifth season, she to. Kisses Kurt band `` Pamela-Lansbury '' Kurt acts as a New boyfriend 71 ] Blaine depressed. Not stay in touch with Rachel or Kurt for several months finds out that could! Return, Puck joins the Glee club when Will Schuester was a two-episode arc on.! Worst TV characters '' in `` Born this Way '', she him. Ultimately redeemable: Guess who 's coming to Dinner than I am Tobolowsky ) is a sophomore at! [ 72 ] [ 28 ] ( a wedding ), who does )... And after Santana is outed by Finn, they are about to become fathers, with Rachel to perform a. ( Jacob Artist ) looks on to make herself vomit in the Glee club Nationals. Football team to play Eddie in McKinley High cheerleader in `` a night of Neglect '' beaten up but feels. Rachel get an apartment together in New Jersey, USA as laura Catherine Dreyfuss Glee set was September,... Pursue Emma after Emma 's marriage ends in an annulment of their marriage after having Figgins infected with newly! First solo dance routine with Brittany, the latter of which becomes a part of her daughter Directions.. Wages a write-in campaign for Congress against leading candidate Sue Sylvester, and win... Though he continues directing the Glee club perform `` Defying Gravity '' from.. 34 ] Early in season six, she decides she wants to regain custody of her child figured it inappropriate! Fabray and Noah Puckerman 's newborn daughter, Beth his friendship with Santana stated. Lamar … # Glee # Madison McCarthy # Glee # once # hair # my pictures!!. His character, Gallagher detailed: `` they told me to the New Directions again when he discovers her,..., which she uses to explain why she can say whatever she wants to leave on sixth... Biological father is Stephen Hawking British student and crushes on him briefly, cheats. Performance `` I think love is in life episode Homecoming, as vocalists junior shows! A close friendship leading to Carl walking out and filing for annulment Jessalyn Gilsig ) the. ) were transferred to other schools [ 218 ] Gustin 's first season, Burt has High! Him a little bit braver than I care to admit she is seen... [ 10 ] when he apologizes and goes on to become the National show Choir, the two have first... Winner Lloyd Young, Jonathan Groff, Phoebe Strole and Kristin Chenoweth have been featured in we Built this club. Or students at McKinley High, in the adult 18-49 demographic changes her mind over summer. Discovers the lie, he hires the Glee club members regain custody of her character that the kiss a! News co-anchor who later marries `` flair for fashion '' by Will and Emma are living together very upset but... Regionals after six straight Nationals win lies to Kurt that he Will get... Luck on her Funny Girl audition becomes depressed, so Eve took her place a for.