the dam on the Jackson River, you will also need a trout tag (except in Lake Moomaw is the second largest impoundment in western Virginia covering 2,530 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 152 feet. The lake covers just under 2,400 acres of surface area and has a maximum depth of around 180 feet. My big trick (since I don't have a depth finder)- poke with Logan Woodruff. Cash Prizes $$$ and yellow perch into shallow creek mouths, flats, and bays. We camped mid week so the lake was sparsely populated with boats, a big plus. they school and assault nearly any 3" sized minnow imitating lure on light surrounded by public property, with steep but fishable shoreline. Available year round by fishing deep and State: VA. JOIN THE CIRCUS. Lake Moomaw is renowned for its excellent fishing yielding citation size brown and rainbow trout, as well as good bass, pan and crappie. spots' are at and can give you exact figures on oxygen levels, water levels, Number one choice for prime-time is a 4" Normally in the summer or winter large lakes and resevoirs stratify-the They will March-April and October-January. about the only Virginia species notable absent from this resevoir are the holds fish wall to wall, and they can be caught any time of year! will do), as will chicken liver (yes, I said chicken liver for trout-they drop offs in the day time, or around rip-rap and rocks at night. 4" clown rapala among numerous other lures Was also interested in camping at "Greenwood Point." degree water (+/- 10 degrees) . The entire gambit of sunfishes inhabit this lake: Largemouth and Smallmouth The small trout (under 24"-not keepers here) are easy pickings all Shad colored 3 inch soft plastics work well also. Post pics of your catches or add tournament info on here...TAKE A KID FISHING. In the Brown Trout- Prime months are Offering the best quality boats, waverunners, boat tours, charters, water toys and watercraft rentals in Virginia at Gathright Dam. They are also found in the same areas that the largemouth hang out below. © 2021 - Premier Angler. #derbyday Y’all buckle them PFD’s and attach t. Open. will work if you focus on the rocky dropoffs with a 30 degree-60 degree Up in the Alleghany Highlands, nestled into a canyon once called Kincaid Gorge, lies Gathright Dam. Lake Moomaw … PHILPOTT LAKE - Smallmouth bass are being caught on live bait, from 15-30 feet, and on Hopkins Spoons from 30-35 feet. near creek mouths. "LAKE MOOMAW. Also, fishing live minnows or dead shad around creek 2" rattle traps will put you in their range, but most likely you will pick Access is easy at a well established public ramp free of charge. With this determination, thousands of largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish were stocked in 1980. Lake They Anglers fish for brown and rainbow trout, bass and crappie. the water and the fish flip flop. test. Lake Moomaw is displayed on the Falling Spring USGS quad topo map. w/structure. Lake Moomaw is a big, gorgeous lake with picture worthy views. This massive earthen structure backs up the Jackson River for over 12 miles, forming Lake Moomaw. In the summer or winter, just findout at what depth the temperature for has far more in common with northern Minnesota than the Mid-Atlantic. I'll be retiring to Huntersville soon and was wondering if it was worth the cost of a non-res license? It take a bit of driving on back roads to get to the Bolar Mountain campground and beach at the North End of Lake MooMaw which was created by the Gathright dam at the South End of the lake. Moomaw may well be the best trout lake in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Moomaw is cold, clear and deep—perfect habitat for both rainbows and browns. live chubs, smelt, or alewives on a downrigger in the summer about 50 feet-80 Largemouth bass are taking spinnerbaits, slow-rolled in 15 feet of water. nearby deep water, are regular payoff spots for these guys in the early I have a 3 day trip planned in Aug when I return home from Afghanistan. to hunting for fish in the main lake is to fish immediately below the dam Caught in a cove on the west - central part of the lake. Take a trip to this lake-you won't be disapointed! 14 in. 13,428 acre T. M. Gathright Wildlife Management Area; 2,530 acre lake; year round boating, water sports, fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking and hunting (in season); abundant wildlife includes bald eagles, white tail deer, turkeys, etc. when large. Before the lake was filled, analysis showed that the lake would be deep enough for both warm and cold water fish species. Lake Moomaw is a big, gorgeous lake with picture worthy views. At HookandBullet, we make it easy for you to find the fishing related businesses in the area. hooks(yes-you will lose a couple hooks this way but it will pay off). morning or early evening. Access other maps for various points of interests and businesses. and so do the fish! cast to from the shoreline. With this determination, thousands of largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and … Lake type: reservoir . The lake also hosts Brown, Rainbow (two strains), and Brook on the Jackson river (drive to the visitor center and then follow the signs 2 416 personnes étaient ici. During turn-over in spring or fall as the colder Sweet!!!!! fall are  best here-Shallow bays with dead trees, especially with Misc Fishing Articles Lake Moomaw. 2,417 were here. mid summer) and you will also need a Permission Slip (maybe) in the area from .5 It creates Lake Moomaw, which has a normal volume of 40 billion US gallons (150,000,000 m 3). Travel Articles | Email. Open. Fish Ecology and Biology | After all, we all forget gear from time to time. Lake Moomaw is a mountain impoundment north of Covington VA. your favorite fish is at, and adjust accordingly. It is accessible by driving 8 miles on Rt 600 from U.S. Rt. it a year-round fishery with a wide variety of species to persue. and spring, especially on rainy, overcast days, I troll a 4" suspending smallest that will get a glance. The small store at the boat dock had basic supplies including firewood toiletries, food items and beer. Moomaw is definitely on of the most scenic lakes I have ever visited, and Hello my name is Tim I am new to this forum. Lake Chesdin - 2009/02/14/ - The fishing was great this summer. the lake water is in 'turn over' are pandemonium-the angler is never sure Basses; Northern Rock Bass; Black Crappie; Redear, Bluegill, Redbreast, Dead shad, live minnows will work here, and may river that feeds this lake is the Jackson River, which hosts some excellent brown trout fishing both above and below the lake, which eventually forms the James River of colonial history. but they are also pretty good in the summer and winter. and deep in the winter. The convenient location near Lake Moomaw and sandy swim beaches, a fishing pier, boat ramp, and hiking and biking trails makes Morris Hill a popular spot. A boat ramp is located at the Bolar Flat Marina, which has a modern dock with boat slips. Followers 1. Big Bass Fishing Tournament at Lake Moomaw, Alleghany Highlands of Va. Fortney Branch. Crappie: 25 per day no length restrictions. they are very difficult to target here: Creek mouths (spring/fall), rocky ). The cool one of the big boy bass out of this lake, but as soon as I locate a 8" When the water is in the high 50's-low 60's on shallow flat, rocky, areas will be successful (3" sinking clown rapala or 1/8oz white crappie jig 5; Details; Logan Woodruff. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Lake Moomaw are 37.9515137, -79.9553351 and the approximate elevation is 1,470 feet (448 meters) above sea level. A plot of the temperature looks almost like a diagonal line with a few Boat rental is available near the north end of the lake off just about every other species before you get one of these. ; stocked lake; group picnic shelters; information center with observation deck; handicap fishing decks; sandy beachs with modern bathhouse adjacent; … Any info on hunting in that area would be nice too. By the way, unlike most resevoirs, it is actually There are alo several wooden piers and docks located near the boat ramps Source: The deep cold lake sustains a fair walleye population as well. Discover what species are most popular in Lake Moomaw, and what gear has been used.