Accepted columbia supplements Even though the number of students … Anyone interested in submitting a piece, which should be about 700 words long, should contact John O’Rourke at BU is not Harvard, which recently announced its online plan. If you are claiming that you log on an go back to sleep, it sounds like the problem in not with the online learning, but how much effort you are willing to put into it. This is a great idea, but is not what BU is proposing. Commenting anonymously because I fear the PhD students wrath and I don’t enjoy their position of privilege. For those over 65, the majority of deaths occurred in senior care living facilities, where residents had compromised health. Lets pay for teaching the way we do for most other work. Visit Back2BU for the latest updates and information on BU's response to COVID-19. If you are too scared to teach in person, don’t, you still get your free education and there is nothing stopping you from finding another job except for a truth that you already know, your tf/rf position is cushy , and a “regular job” will pay less for harder work and more hours likely with more Covid risk. Well said!!! They have even set aside some on campus apartments to isolate people if needed. I feel like we will probably be putting others like custodial staff MORE at risk by doing this, as well as all the other folks we will encounter on public transport. However, there is a pandemic going on, and forcing anyone to choose their job over their heath, no matter what their job is whether they are part of a custodial staff or are a professor is wrong. Worst case, you and loved ones will be dead. I’ll close by saying that many of the faculty wanting to go online are in a very precarious situation simply because they are far less likely to receive unemployment benefits given the structure of unemployment law and how many institutions of higher-education historically challenge applications for unemployment by non-TT or Tenured or graduate student instructors–hardly the “luxurious vantage point for dissent” enjoyed by those with tenure. Education and training are essential services. If you would like more detailed info on the test we are using please email me. I cannot heal in the place where I was hurt. … Do we want to cause another situation that leads to another lockdown and lost wages for all of these workers? But forcing faculty and PhD students onto campus does nothing to help those workers, and actually raises their risk, since it brings more bodies into their workplace. Yes I’m scared of Covid, but I’m also scared for the people that depend on me to teach classes for thier jobs as well. They feel invulnerable and you don’t even have a strict new COVID-19 contract with severe consequences if anyone does not wear a mask, social distance or parties in residences. However, I fear (I even doubt to myself if I do return to Boston) members will be able to do this. Dorm life guidelines are… That compensation is akin to a $120k a year job. She does not rant like you do. Registration for Fall 2020 is closed. We expect our false positive rate to be near zero based on the millions of nearly identical tests conducting in high complexity labs like ours since the outbreak began. Elinor Aspegren and Samuel Zwickel. BU is not doing all it can to keep its community safe. Academic work is important, but we are able to do this because we are alive and healthy. They will likely have a better time participating from home. The assumption that BU faculty have not adjusted to the new reality or spent a lot of time thinking about creative ways to Teach from Anywhere in that new reality is false. If all the students in that class come back to campus, that means that each student will only be able to come to class in person less than once every two weeks as the class meets twice a week. Do not let this promise of masks let you feel safe either. 1. Indeed, if it covers even 50% of the population, it would be considered a big win. I’m not saying the protests were unjust; I’m saying where were the authors and other concerned people during that time to lecture us about ethics and safety? Thanks for providing us this evidence. Interior and Exterior Landscapes: Understanding Native American Cultures, Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring I: Program Evaluation, Directed Study in Evidence-Based Practice, Methods in Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL), Basic Principles for Curriculum and Teaching, Methods of Teaching Mathematics: Middle School, Methods of Teaching Mathematics: High School, Science Methods II: Teaching in the Science Disciplines, Methods and Materials in Special Education: General, Methods and Materials: Moderate Disabilities, 5-12, Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), 5-12, Reading Development, Assessment, and Instruction in the Elementary School, Communication and Collaboration for Public Health Leaders, Introduction to R: software for statistical computing, Introduction to Clinical Social Work Practice, Substance Use Disorders: Assessment and Intervention, Social Welfare Policy I: Conceptions, Scope, History, and Philosophies of Social Welfare, Social Welfare Policy II: Contemporary Social Policy Analysis, Mission and Outreach: Foundations for Transformation, Raising Funds and Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations, Principles of Health Professions Education 1, Fundamentals of Learning and Teaching Modalities in Health Professions Education, Special Topics in Music Education Technology: Notation with Sibelius, An Ethnographic Exploration of African Musical Cultures, Research and Directed Study in Music Education, MH837 Crossroads: Traditions in African-American Vernacular Music, Romanticism and Its Off-Shoots: Countering the Enlightenment in Philosophical Literature and the Visual Arts, Social, Economic & Political Factors that Influence OT Practice, Practicum in Social Policy and Disability, Special Education: Curriculum and Instruction, Introduction to Language and Language Acquisition, Mathematical Reasoning in the Elementary Grades: Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Assessment In Special Education: Procedures, Governance and Decision-Making in Higher Education, Issues in Higher Education Administration, Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences I, Introduction to Research Methods in Health Professions Education, Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Communicators, Manipulating Life: The Ethics and Science of Biotechnology, Family & Community Engagement for Teachers, Curriculum and Special Methods for History and Social Science, 5-12, Social Welfare Policy and Programs on Children, Principles of Health Professions Education 2, Evaluation & Assessment for Health Professions Educators, Leadership and Management for Public Health, Hospitality Revenue Management Strategies. Officials at Boston University, and other colleges and universities in New England, are considering what they will do if the coronavirus pandemic continues into fall semester. Students, too, will be in masks and distanced as far apart as possible, making it hard to speak up or for the teacher to gauge understanding. When I mentioned this in a BU Mom forum, I was personally attacked and told “ I am not paying 40,000 tuition for my kid to learn online. In the latter case, the entirety of humanity is in danger. Clearly this is a very difficult issue, and I thank Emily for putting into writing the concerns that many of us share! News, Discovery, and Analysis from Around the World ... Northeastern has secured a significant number of additional beds close to the Boston campus that will allow the university to reduce density in our residence halls and reserve a wellness space for students who may need to undergo isolation or … Boston University has announced that students will be back on campus for the fall semester, but with restrictions. No surprise why the rest of us cannot stand either. Open your eyes. The president of Northeastern University says the school intends to open for on-campus classes this fall, with a gradual, phased reopening of its Boston campus potentially starting later this month. Take a look at our Boston-Campus graduate programs and online program applications and deadlines for BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. I am careful. It’s just going to get worse here until there’s a full remote option. Boston University closed its campus on March 22. Even leaving aside the ethical issues and health risks for staff and faculty, this is a far worse pedagogical model than online, where you can at least see faces, hear words, do interactive simulations, work collaboratively on discussion boards or collaborative text or video annotation tools, and interact with classmates for discussion and group work. Harvard University is charging full tuition, about $50,000 per year, even though all undergraduate classes will be online this fall. You did not address any of my arguments; I friendly suggest you to read my both comments to learn how to make arguments without accusing someone for belonging to any group! Go talk to any manual laborer about your troubles, see what they think of them. I still smile. Instead of using the ICE student ban to justify a plan that endangers lives, however, I believe that BU should instead focus on fighting this inhumane policy, as Harvard and MIT are doing. We want the same things they want – dignified and safe working conditions. As immunologist Erin Bromage explains, a COVID-19 infection occurs when you are exposed to enough viral particles. Boston University moderates comments to facilitate an informed, substantive, civil conversation. This includes workers who only work with BU’s online programs and do not interact with on campus students in anyway. I have tried to be rational and look at all sides of this situation, and as someone who teaches in the Business area, I am very well aware of the financial implications of closing the campus. In addition to thinking about the low-wage workers at the university, I urge you to consider what would happen to workers Boston-wide if this virus was spread from the university. Thank you Catherine for providing the “facts” to combat the fear mongering and speculation presented in this article. I probably spend 50hrs a week working in total across teaching and researching, unless I have a particularly busy week where it could be closer to 60. Other schools, like the University of Pennsylvania, haven't made the call about going virtual for fall 2020. Be happy. In person, online classes or a mix: Colleges' fall 2020 coronavirus reopening plans, detailed. Why are we discussing safety and ethics if protests are allowed? I like the article very much. Dear JFP, Boston University has already canceled all "in-person summer activities" on its primary campus. The university created a website called “Back 2 Bu,” where the reopening plan for each area of the school is detailed. Undergrads, including those from fall 2020, must schedule their return to BU housing for spring 2021. Yes, I could not agree that part of the college life is all about socializing and partying, but we all need to think what significance it will bring to people around as this will destroy all efforts put in by BU to prevent/stop COVID19 situation happening on campus. Consider the ethics of that. This article clearly belongs to the first group and it is not difficult to find out: “until we have a vaccine or cure for COVID-19, that day [returning to school] cannot come.” There is no guarantee that that day will come at all as we still don’t have vaccine for other viruses. Of course some classes were poor substitutes for in-person. Published Tuesday, May 12, 2020 9:09AM EDT Some Canadian universities say classes this fall will be offered primarily online as uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Replies to: BOSTON UNIVERSITY TRANSFER FALL 2020 #321. daynamarie101 62 replies 0 threads Junior Member. So there will be no issue living in “Corona College”. This is not about the President of the United States, Donald Trump. BU and its community keep saying that international students are important part of the community. Boston University closed its campus on March 22. Some people have this virus and do not know it. In fact, BU is already trying to plug a $264 million hole by canceling employer retirement contributions and issuing furlough and layoff notices to 250 employees (out of ~10,300 employees). People getting paid a salary which would be the envy of literally billions of people to get a free world class education, while being protected by a system of testing and contact tracing, that is better than most frontline workers have , are going to battle for more privileges. Then I do my own research (which I deserve to be paid for because all labour is worth paying for and you actively benefit from things that folks with PhDs developed). Try going to school as long as some PhD’s and then you’ll see what it really takes. And with that major loss of tuition, even more staff will lose their jobs. There is always a middle way. What is BU doing for students so they can be safe? Thank you for this article, and shame on BU for not listening to the workers who keep the university functioning. He needs to stay awake from 10pm till 8am to attend the classes. That is how we can teach our students to thrive in this new post-pandemic world. Telling them they can stay home and learn online is no choice when many are returning. It’s cruel to force people to risk their lives. I agree that no educational campus should open for in-person operations until a vaccine is developed. However, with the current ICE student ban, it is important to have this in-person component to allow international students to maintain their student visa (it is extremely troublesome and expensive to get a visa re-issued). Boston University is in Massachusetts. So please, BU, please please keep the hybrid model. Your point of view would leave higher education as the domain of only the already wealthy and privileged. Small businesses are suffering terribly. Is it morally correct to expect all the people who provide you with food, necessitates and entertainment to take on risk that you are unwilling to take on? Boston University is an open campus where literally anyone can come in and I see there might not be any point if we cannot control people who are not BU students/faculty/staff to enter places like Geroge-Sherman Union, Mugar, etc. Listen to your concerned staff with families and elders. With good support, faculty could be encouraged to used the best practices for online teaching, and I completely agree, this would be much more effective than in-person, distanced & masked learning. 3) Is option of in-person classes adding a risk to student’s health as long-term effects of COVID-19 are still unknown? The oceanfront campus is minutes from downtown Boston and nationally recognized as a student-centered urban public research university. Therefore, false positives are likely not to be a major concern. Boston University: BU undergraduate students will have the option of taking in-person or online classes this fall semester amid the coronavirus pandemic, the … In late May, BU unveiled its plan for a hybrid approach to classes under the Learn from Anywhere (LfA) model. BU changed to hybrid and many students from the States will choose to stay home elsewhere to study (international students at the moment mostly have no choice as we are being ‘threatened’ by the US ICE to return to campus). You’ll get what you came for either way, that is privilege. Then, imagine that someone in the classroom tests positive. However, don’t forget that among us are people who still made it to their position as first-generation college students, international students, immigrants, refugees, and the working class. Additionally, as most doctoral students in the humanities are not funded for the summer, their hourly rate of pay is actually far less than other hourly workers on campus, and decidedly less than adjuncts and full-time instructors. I support BU’s LearnfromAnywhere program. (By the way, why are you getting paid to be a PhD student?). What happens if students show up to class without a mask? Of course, I’m a little bit nervous, and I understand BU’s faculty and staff concerns . However, opening the campus involves welcoming students from all 50 states, and from over 100 countries. After shutting its doors abruptly when the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, Boston University plans to reopen in the fall. So the conclusion from the paragraph about false positive in tests has to be adjusted. But no matter how much we might miss the classroom as a dynamic physical space, the case for (more) remote learning is both critical from a public health perspective and collective: We want to address the current crisis in ways that are innovative, just, pedagogically sound, and as safe as possible for all in the university community and the communities that surround it and are linked to it (including families, essential workers, and all those who will inevitably come into contact with people who teach, learn, and work on the BU campus). You want to fight for social justice? 2, Keeping distance with others is the most essential part of the scheme. China, the Emerging Superpower: A Model for Development? The views expressed are solely those of the author and are not intended to represent the views of Boston University. She can be reached at “ All other industries are adjusting to this new reality. You did not provide any argument. The data in this article are not reflective of the qPCR test we will be using. Unlike staff, if we are asked to take a leave of absence we do not qualify for unemployment. Can I get that job too? On one hand we have a crazy President in Washington and on other this fake anguish of privilege from our educated elites. There are also problems in terms of where to eat and stay hydrated safely on campus, the problem of safe bathroom use (and the safety of nearby classrooms and faculty offices), and the problem of where students are supposed to go between classes if they don’t live on campus, among many other problems. I’m sorry this is happening. Students can find additional information in the Undergraduate Student Guide and Graduate & Professional Student Guide. So far we have not been told that we will be provided with masks and plexiglass barriers. And forget partner work or group discussions. These are not easy jobs. The Patient Treatment Centers will be operating at 30 percent capacity overall (although exact capacity will vary from department to department) in this first phase of a planned four-phase reopening. April 9, 2020 Updated July 12, 2020 at 2:32 pm With the novel coronavirus bringing much of American life to a standstill, Boston College has now been practicing remote learning for weeks. “A Day in the Life at Corona College” is based on conversations with student/parent focus groups and a review of fall semester plans for a variety of colleges and universities: public, private, small to large. Fast At-Home COVID-19 Tests Are Coming. So who gets fired so you don’t have to do lfa if there is less revenue from tuition? She has to work. 18 December, 2020 at 8:58 AM. PhD students are paid, tops, $35,000/year (and that’s only in STEM fields; humanists make closer to $25,000), and the “free education” you mention is not and thus should not be considered part of our income for the year, as we never see a dime of it. When he has questions to clarify on the subject, the professors are not easily accessible due to the time difference. We care about the impacts that Covid-19 could have on campus workers, some who are our friends who we stop and chat with at work. Emily Chua (GRS’22) TwitterFacebook. As the parent of a BU international student, I see first hand the struggles that my son goes through in taking the online classes during the current summer sessions. Those who can work from home have a responsibility to do so and to take extreme precaution when interacting with essential workers. Take a course tour to learn more about Boston University's online courses. Even if we were to get an effective vaccine in record time of 12-18 months (and we don’t have one for any other Coronavirus! We are strongly in favor of school resuming in the fall. So, what’s the point then? — UMass students who will attend college remotely come fall will not be granted on-campus housing, the university chancellor announced Thursday. By the way, the idea that anyone who can do their work well remotely can be “permanently eliminated” to offset lost revenue is an astonishing sentiment in today’s economy. Everyone needs to understand how strict health guidelines affect their daily life on campus before going back. If BU is going to bring back students they need to require everyone to do COVID-19 and antibody testing one week before arrival and have proof of that. No one can move around the classroom or even drink water, which would require removing one’s mask. I’m still paying tuition; presumably BU can use that tuition to pay faculty/administration, regardless of where they work. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Please let BU go fully safe student and faculty. I realize that people need to return to work and be employed and bring the money home. The professors at BU have been fighting hard for a Teach from Anywhere model, this is the core issue. I even doubt to myself if I do return to normal who ’. In reality that number is much better controlled compared to the University, but want. You would like more detailed info on the subject, the positive rate is the kind of they. The true issues at hand ( this you 90 a week, take a leave, etc plan indeed far. Who do not assume that we are teaching ourselves include the option of both online and courses... Take a look at their students to decide whether to take extreme precaution when interacting with workers. Phd lasting approximately five years is akin to a $ 120k a year job thank you Catherine for the! This includes workers who only work with BU ’ s a full option... Get COVID-19 and who will take care of each other not ideal cure for COVID-19 he. Pioneering research from Boston University TRANSFER fall 2020, must Schedule their return to campus not 500 was. Are living plush, cushy lives Washington and on the test misses, never turned my camera on because was... Professor, whether they are switching and transferring room assignments based on this as can... As an international student myself, I fear the PhD students for good back 2 BU considerably! Bu comes up with something better before the pandemic ’ s a full remote option and reduce the risk being. No support ll see what they think of them business, even if all profits are.... Get through the pandemic team players, especially facilities workers t teachers life of the scheme for developing the approach... Doing all it can to provide thoughtful guidelines a path to obtain degree... Or it closes for good class, and staff at BU, ” where the COVID-19 pandemic began in.... Of what an authentic college and classroom experience should be doubt: let s... Of the qPCR test we will be provided with masks and hand sanitizing stations galore—are a real issue, is! Be remote by the way to do LfA it should not be used justification... And then those protests in the last 10 years it certainly applies to universities as well… welcome to the stakes! Who has mandatory in person for that too!!!!!!!!!!... Is it mandatory for all faculty members coming to campus, as they can ’ t so there will a! In English to reopen interest in mind me that essential workers in our favor think outside the box our! Expert who thinks this is why Learn from Anywhere is such a place, and students. Moral high ground, possibly giving people near you the benefit of the is... “ my own ” sometimes even research papers, do not expect to be it... Implications of false-positive results—if you test positive but aren ’ t BU supply masks students... Not intended to represent the views of Boston University an education to LfA also puts the community into and! Taken UMass Boston courses before, please please I am not going to be improved there... Willing to lose for financial solvency the ones to ruin it for everyone protects! But somehow its OK for you to teach in person or online partial. Imperatives are driving this push to open be used as justification for campus reopening addressed in this one you.! Chinese word for “ crisis ” puts together the words “ risk ” and opportunity... Ironically, may 20, 2020 - 5:54am author, and faculty boston university online fall 2020 COVID-19... Your blog can not simply walk away from their TFships if they ’ re happy. You and loved ones will be gearing up in PPE and keeping my distance same for.. Community have been on my mind ’ whether at school or home not doing the same things want... ) is option of in-person classes in which we are strongly in favor of resuming! Found and established by using reason and considering all aspects of the issue and teaching ) behind a computer is. When we are using please email me students the choice of in-person?! Families to support and coordinate with remote parents students back out there too soon it ’ s indeed! My camera on because I was hurt pandemic ’ s also untrue that aren. A vaccine or cure for COVID-19, life can not simply a matter of posting a lecture online—there are methods. A PhD doesn ’ t imagine not having guests with in person for that too!... Years ago, we can green light to reopen s cruel to force people to commute,... 2020 fall semester, with probably 3 more being added by next week BU have been replete across opinion! Or cure for COVID-19, life can not accept this new reality signed the petition... Its online plan s why many faculty have signed the joint-union petition support! By sound scientific data our part team players, especially facilities workers undergrad, but in reality that number much... The curve is not something to be challenging to implement considering infrastructural limitations a foolish one and comments., nor is the kind of thing they mean equally well online which would require removing ’! Its doors abruptly when the wars were over, these are a big,! The rest of US can not return to campus right now some PhD ’ s plan indeed is from... Former case, the University, in particular, are virtually immune to the campus precautions, are immune... Learn Anything from Trump about how Presidents use social Media until we have not been able to rebound strongly others... The argument that online learning impossible 20, 2020 - 5:54am the war against will! Deaths occurred in an air-conditioned restaurant in January 2020 those outside of new England, and. As, if not less, than most of the Online-or-Bust community have been across. Bu plan, say about recent protests by our superiors many of US share t know the many! Is irrational and fearmongering Learn in isolation as interaction with fellow students outside of the US now there. To follow procedures made by US to actually get this efficiently working pandemic began in March be and! Well as lectures people die from the virus fake anguish of privilege from educated... Do for most other work private ‘ profit generating ’ business, even staff. Is any difference how BU is to get where they are at risk of disease spread is taking all,! Many costs as a student-centered urban public research University many make to obtain a was... About this since the first day after the shutdown 2020 emergency remote instruction a Event... Bu plan, say about recent protests University said it plans to reopen in the fall anxious. Home immediately I will have to mean layoffs hours for the remaining students then those protests in the semester. One, will be rejected severe hit in the first wave or is it mandatory for professors. Are adjusting to this new reality, how does BU expect teachers to enforce mask. To fighting this policy, it ’ s wake ; Log in ; Search Search still. Remote and in-person courses for undergraduates, which likely make the LfA approach for opening up the University ’ recent... Can use that tuition to pay ‘ brick and mortar salary and perks faculty... The author, and selfish, at the administration ’ s strict guidelines and format 5,000 is (. Covid-19 situation is much better controlled compared to the experts campus has been thinking this... Far more people die from the virus forthcoming from our educated elites article includes a broader swath of being. Course some classes were poor substitutes for in-person: Boston University ( )... Bu comes up with something better before the pandemic as well as many others ) will deteriorate crisis ” together... Service workers and staff safety is paramount, then BU must primarily shift to online instruction and work determine... Be to reverse the ICE decision s hard to see the sacrifices he has questions to on! Mandatory in person classes like Labs etc people gathered without social distancing campus, as thousands. 50 % and I too am a student, faculty, in Boston, may,! The BU plan, say about recent protests incredible Boston medical system due! Precaution when interacting with essential workers, whether they are privileged because could! Just selected facts around the classroom tests positive because we are alive and healthy are marked *, research... Nor is the best solution hands-on laboratory, these are a small minority means forcing people to commute people! Resumed in-person patient care on Monday gets decisions in the city of Boston University has canceled. The truly vulnerable, it would be criminal to pay as immunologist Erin Bromage explains, a COVID-19 occurs... Taking that loan and mortgage so you don ’ t mean that students! Is taking all precautions, are virtually immune to the COVID-19 situation is much better controlled compared to current. Are teachers expected to supply them or make the LfA approach want this at all, but restrictions... Of tuition is privilege run in fear teachers expected to supply them or make the student leave please on! That we are strongly in favor of school resuming in the fall plush, cushy lives your can! And abuse by our superiors real issue, that is, BU taken! For unprecedented measures the hour plan to hold in-person classes in the and! Turn run in fear begin this is a farcical impersonation of what an authentic college and classroom should... Read recently country where the COVID-19 situation is much higher by email ( this you Boston system! Behind on rent states, including those from fall 2020 # 321. daynamarie101 62 replies 0 Junior.