Golf News Net. 714 had that muted soft feel compared to other gens when they had more of a click. Copyright © 2021 Plugged In Golf. Titleist 718 AP2 Single Iron 6 Iron 30° True Temper AMT White S300 Steel X-Stiff Right Handed 37.5in Titleist 716 AP2 Single Iron 6 Iron Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130 Steel X-Stiff Right Handed 37.25in There’s no reason that the AP2 should cost 30% more. March 05, 2019 at 10:24 PM By Steve N. 0 Likes; 4 Replies; Steve N. March 05, 2019 at 10:24 PM . More spin isn’t inherently good or bad, but it is worth understanding the impact of that extra spin. I am considering choosing between AP2 and AP3. When I switched to the AP2, the spin rate jumped up to 5500. Additionally, it looks like one of the finest crafted clubs you are going to come across. Didnt see enough difference in 718’s so just bought used 716s. November 24, 2017 at 04:31 AM By KCGolfGuy. As we always stress, proper fitting is the key to maximizing performance. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. ... Titleist 718 AP1 v AP2 v AP3 – Verdict. I love my current ap2s (714), but was seeing if anyone has moved from the 714 to the 718's? If I was choosing, my favourite of the three would be the AP2. As you might expect, the AP1 irons were more forgiving than the AP2… Some people just won’t get along with certain clubs. Titleist 718 AP2 Iron goes head to head with Titleist 716 AP2 Iron - is the newer model better than the old? November 27, 2017 at 12:03 AM. The 714 … Designed by WPZOOM. Depending on the player, that extra spin could add or subtract distance. Feel of the 718 AP2s were much the same as my 714s, although in my opinion, the 714s felt a bit "softer" at that fitting likely because of the shaft more than the club. appreciate the feedback! The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. The forged AP2 is where the 718 iron line up starts to feel really good. All Rights Reserved.. High spin. I had been playing 714 AP2s for the last few years and the 712 AP2s before that. 714 AP2 The 714 AP2 irons were very easy to align, given their blade-like profile. Get the best deals on Titleist Ap2 714 Irons when you shop the largest online selection at Predictable results. 718 ap2 vs 714 ap2 Follow Thread. I got a little more distance and tighter circle with the 718 ap2's but the miz just felt awesome. The 718 AP2 did feel better than the older 714 model, but the AP3 seemed to give me more ability to move the ball. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. We have a review of the AP3 here: Do notice a difference in foregiveness with the 716 AP2 … These irons have notably higher spin than others in the category, but that may be a benefit for certain players. Biggest reason is that i really want to play MB’s and that they worked really well in fitting and test. New Titleist 915 drivers unveiled. I think the i210 is more forgiving, but whether the gap is big enough to justify a switch depends on the individual – neither iron is cheap. High spin. I am currently a 20.6 handicapper and choosing between AP2 and AP3, what would you recommend? Or just a little? The current iron market is trending this way, with most manufacturers trying to develop a classic look to their forged blade with crazy forgiveness. Came from Ping S55, both AP2 … The Titleist 714 AP2became an instant gamer for me and is one of the best performing irons I have hit. マイケル・ニュートン(Michael Newton)さんは、PGA ティーチングプロゴルファーです。"Lytham Golf Academy" にてレッスン、カスタムフィッティングを行いアマチュアゴルファーのスイング、スコア向上に貢献されています。いち早く最新の設備を導入した解析には定評があります。 Any thought would be great. 09/03/2015 at 3:54 pm. Hi, I currently bag 718 ap2s and I’m thinking of moving toward a club with a little more forgiveness. Like the 714s, the 716s are again a very solid … Also, I noticed the tungsten weight right away. Forgiving enough to justify the switch anyway? The Titleist AP2 712 irons were really good and I still played them regularly until the Titleist AP2 714 irons came, these are now my gamer set. By KCGolfGuy. 3 through pw amt white stiff flex All in great condition Titleist ap2 718 iron set stiff. ... Titleist AP2 714 5 Iron S300 … How much better are they? I played 710 and 714 ap2 for a couple seasons and I think 714 were the best feeling ap2 followed by 710. Condition is "Used". Finally, extra spin means more curvature. In a crowded field of irons for better players, the Titleist 718 AP2 is a solid overall performer with a distinguishing feature. Would you say these were more forgiving than your iblades? Your email address will not be published. Year after year, the Titleist AP2 remains a favorite among better players and PGA Tour players. This is a plus if you want to see the ball working left and right, but it’s a big negative if you’re trying to tame a slice or hook. The Titleist 718 AP2 irons look excellent and feel good. Playing 716 AP2 stock AMT since release but changed to 716 MB to with Project X shaft. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. Like most Titleist products, the spin is quite high. its an exciting year to be on #TeamTitleist with the new 718 line out. The Titleist 718 AP2 irons look excellent and feel good. Your email address will not be published. I hit 150 yards with #7 iron, and 200 yards with #3 iron. Haven't registered for Team Titleist yet? The numbers looked really good but the price did not. If you decide on the move to the 718 AP2 … Had the 716 first and bought the 714 second hand for next to nothing as a practice set that lives in the car (the others at the club). We were told that the srixon Z765 was a very comparable set at 30% less price. Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey. It will also help the ball stop faster on the greens. There is a small increase for me in distance with the 718s which was not my reason for making the decision, but collectively after looking at all the data and recall of the feel, I opted to order the 718 AP2s with the same shaft as in my 714s (KBS C Taper lite) which ironically I did not hit with the 718 AP2s at the fitting. Cas. All Rights Reserved.. The 718 AP2 doesn’t change much, which is exactly how Titleist loyalists want it. Center hits feel really satisfying, and mishits are easy to distinguish and locate precisely. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9b83309004314ab38edc7af123b46f1" );document.getElementById("bc09f2d6ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Better and more solid feel through the turf - we improved the sole design by smoothing down the leading edge so that it reduced digging … That continues to be true of the 718 model. I currently have the 714 AP2… It has everything that the better player likes: a thin sole, a thin top line, and very little offset. I had a chance to try both the 718 AP2s and AP3s along with my existing irons so it was a direct comparison not only in numbers but how they felt in my hands. And, as the iron of choice for Jordan Spieth, it’s likely to remain that way. While the AP3 gave me a little more distance, the dispersion was a little wider and the feel wasn't as … Looking down at the club from above, you have no idea this is not a muscle back. ©2020 Acushnet Company. What makes the 718 AP2 different than the myriad of other players irons is the spin. I have been thinking about moving to a new set of irons and have been pondering the MB's (with TMB's in the longer irons 3-5). 03:47. I just made the change last month after going to a Titleist Thursdays event in my area in September. Still like both. Titleist ap2 718 iron set stiff. Would the Ping i210 be a more forgiving option? In my recent iron fitting at Club Champion, I was hitting a variety of players irons and seeing spin rates from 4400-4900 RPM. The biggest change between 718 AP2 and its predecessor is the addition of a new high-strength Japanese spring steel, called SUP10, that was used to make the forged body and face insert … The 716 AP2 was the number one iron model on Tour globally and therefore Titleist has officially badged the 718 AP2 as a tour iron and placed it in their tour category alongside the 718 MB and 718 CB irons rather than with the similarly named 718 AP1 and 718 … All rights reserved. So now that the range is sequenced correctly, what we … It has been harder and harder to be a Titleist Loyalist with the new balls/equipment coming out. To be clear, this is the kind of forgiveness that a 10-handicap needs, but it’s not sufficient for someone wearing out the heel and toe of the club. Titleist 714 CB and MB irons launched. I still have my 714 AP2 irons and use them when traveling by air (checking clubs). I moved to the 716 AP2 irons shortly after they came out. I just hope they keep it up! Titleist uses tungsten in the heel and toe to make the head more stable on off-center impacts. Pleasantly, mishits don’t sting the hands. 0 Likes; 3 Replies; KCGolfGuy ... Dino J Burnaby, BC. It’s much softer at impact than either the AP1 or the AP3. I bought my 716s when they first came out and like … The 714s have just a couple minor tweaks that have made them … In the bag, I think this version of the AP2 is the cleanest yet. Now Titleist has readdressed the situation with the T Series. Mizuno JPX919 Forged Iron goes head to head with the Titleist 718 AP2 Iron in the battle of the cavity forged iron. Solid forgiveness for a players iron. I used Callaway Apex Pro irons, and I will change my irons to Titleist Ap series. TITLEIST 718 AP2 IRONS v TITLEIST 716 IRONS - NEW BETTER THAN OLD? Is there a lot more forgiveness in these? Required fields are marked *. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. What makes it a little different than other players irons is the shorter blade length. Dear Matt, The look of the 718 AP2 is a huge part of its appeal. The thing is, I like the feel of the 714 more - but it could more the shaft, the 714 with the DG shafts are smoother and give better feedback. The AP2 is more forgiving than a blade, yes. The 714 AP2 is a good-looking blade with tremendous forgiveness. I feel this year they have made great strides in communicating with their customers. When I was getting fit for the Titleist AP2 718 Irons we tested the AP3 long irons vs the AP2 long irons. The calling card of the AP2 has always been that it packs a reasonable amount of forgiveness into an attractive package. The 718 to me don't feel soft/muted like the 714, … THANKS!!!!! Titleist's 718 AP2 irons is an upgraded version of the tour-proven consistent AP2 model that delivers 'pure forged feel' The new Titleist 718 AP2 improves upon the technology and performance that have made AP2 … I did try out the 718 AP2 and the 718 AP3 when I went for my fitting, but decided on the AP3. Many of you who play Titleist AP2 irons probably don't realise that you a playing with a tour iron, but you are. I would suggest that a 20 handicap get a fitting to decide between the AP3 and the AP1. I currently have the 714 AP2's in my bag and have since 2014. Jordan Spieth is going back to the irons that won him the first two majors of 2015, … We did the AP2 fitting for my son who is a 3 handicap. re: AP2 716 vs. AP2 718 Posted by redfishfan on 5/2/19 at 9:34 am to RB10 Nice. The following two tabs change content below. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters. Would you recommend these irons over a bladed option? Why Jordan Spieth is switching back to his Titleist 714 AP2 irons. I did not make the change right on the spot. My first look at the new 716 AP2’s told my mind that this version looked slightly smaller than the 714 version. November 24, 2017 at 04:31 AM If you have a particular question about the two irons, I’d be happy to answer it, but without knowing your game I couldn’t make a respectable recommendation. My fitting came down to miz MP-18 and the Titleist 718 ap2's. Predictable results. After getting my AP2's I wasn't a fan of my long irons and was going to change out my 4 and 5 for AP3s but after playing with … I am pleased with making the move, which was not something done lightly given the costs. Rhat way i can keep my Ap2 … What are your thoughts on the srixon as compared to the AP2? taking them on course tom to see which I like better. I am almost sure it will be the ap2 especially with this line rekindling my passion for Titleist. I would recommend getting a fitting to find out what works best for you, and I wouldn’t limit myself to those two options. It’s almost entire white and chrome with just a touch of black for outlines and branding. Copyright © 2021 Plugged In Golf. Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey. And I did not find them to be overly large at address, especially compared to the 714 AP1’s. Solid forgiveness for a players iron. But to answer the question directly, I’d probably favor the AP3. Find golf club trade-in and re-sales values for over 4,000 models of used golf clubs at the PGA Value Guide, from leading manufacturers such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping, Odyssey, … 716 ap2 vs 718 ap2; 716 ap2 vs 718 ap2 Follow Thread. The differences between the 712 AP2 and the 714 AP2 are threefold. That said, always try before you buy. The Z765 is a great set.