Who We Are

White Pine Systems, LLC (dba SPINN) is dedicated to delivering a complete solution for consumer-engaged healthcare that compliments existing health information technology investments. Our Internet-based patient engagement systems are at the core of the rapidly emerging “connected health” movement. Connected health uses technology to provide access to critical personal health information, improve communication between healthcare providers, patients and their families, and better manage chronic conditions to facilitate living normal lives.


SPINN, Secure Personal Information and Notification Network, is a confidential and secure online service that allows you to access and organize your health information. You determine who has access to it and you decide when others can view it. SPINN provides a secure communication system that allows you to form a personal health network by connecting family, guardians and healthcare providers to share information and notifications in a medical emergency.

How does information get in to SPINN?
Information is entered in SPINN in several ways. You can manually enter information for yourself and for members of your personal health network. You can also allow SPINN healthcare providers to send automatic updates. You decide which healthcare providers update your health record and you decide when to stop allowing them to update it. You can also allow other healthcare providers who connect with Microsoft HealthVault to update your HealthVault record. Since SPINNphr is connected to HealthVault, any information entered to your HealthVault record can be viewed through your SPINNphr account. There are a number of other vendors who offer solutions that operate with SPINNphr or HealthVault. Information in HealthVault entered through these applications can also be accessed through your SPINNphr account.

White Pine Systems

White Pine Systems is a privately held company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its flagship product, SPINN, the Secure Personal Information and Notification Network, is a low cost, fully configurable, private-labeled, Personal Health Record solution that improves communication between patients, healthcare providers and the patient’s extended network of official and unofficial care givers.

Built to connect with the Microsoft© HealthVault personal health information platform, SPINN bridges the gap between EMR systems used by providers and emerging PHR platforms to achieve the promise of patient and family-centered chronic disease management.

SPINN connects family, guardians and healthcare providers through their own secure personal health network to deliver the right information any time, any place.

Patient advocacy
We are committed to supporting patients, their families and patient advocacy organizations. We believe that patient advocacy organizations play a vital role in our healthcare system. Therefore, we offer free sponsorships to any patient advocacy organization. You can link to SPINNphr directly from your web site. For those who enter SPINN through a sponsor’s site, we will feature that sponsor’s name and branding within SPINN to reinforce the relationship.