SPINN Basic Module

SPINN Basic is designed to allow providers to offer their own branded Personal Health Record solution at a very low cost while achieving financial breakeven and even profitability with fewer than 100 Members for each physician. The Module allows smaller physician practices, hospitals, clinics and caregivers to offer their own privately labeled, configurable Personal Health Record system to their patients and families at a low, turnkey entry cost.

Built on the Microsoft HealthVault® Personal Health Record platform, SPINN Basic allows healthcare providers to:
  • Reduce administrative costs by simplifying communication with patients and their families
  • Increase revenue by sharing in the annual Member subscription fees
  • Improve care through care coordination with the patient and family
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving new value and control to patients and their families
  • Comply with recent regulations for Meaningful Use with respect to patient engagement

Using HealthVault-enabled home monitoring devices, patients can easily and simply capture medical information from glucose meters, scales, blood pressure cuffs and other home health devices over a standard telephone line. These are automatically stored in SPINN Basic and made available to authorized family and clinical staff.

SPINN Health & Wellness

The SPINN Activities and Incentives Module is a separate module that allows providers, insurers, employers, wellness companies and other sponsors to offer activity and reward programs to members to increase motivation that will improve health outcomes and member satisfaction.

This module includes very complete Health Risk Assessment and appraisal tools, activity planners and monitoring tools as well as the ability to build contests, challenges and other competitions to stimulate participation.

For employers, you are faced with ever increasing costs for health care for your most valuable asset – your staff. The SPINN Activities and Incentives module helps you help your employees to make the right decisions about care for themselves and their families. Based on the award winning products from our partner, the American Institute of Preventive Medicine, this module will aid you in teaching your employees how to avoid unnecessary, costly physician and Emergency Room visits. And, just as important, will help them get the care they do need – when they need it. The Module also has the tools to help your employees change unhealthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce their risk of illness.

We help people make better health decisions and live a healthier lifestyle. Turn to us to help meet your needs to provide innovative, motivating health information to your patients and members that can inspire behavior change.

SPINN Drug Interaction Module

With SPINN’s Drug Interaction Module, prescribed and used medications are automatically checked consumers for potentially harmful interactions and view severity ratings that range from contraindicated to minor. Consumers can check their medication list for information and contraindication potential.

The module provides insight into:

  • Warnings about the drugs that are in question and why
  • How the results of those interactions will present in the patient
  • Recommendations for monitoring patient outcomes

This module is also a reliable resource for on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted clinical reference information, providing users with more informed treatment decisions at the point of care.

SPINN Analytics and Reporting

SPINN Analytics and Reporting module allows organizations to analyze and report information on a population of SPINN Members. For example, under recent legislation, healthcare providers such as Health Information Exchanges are required to provide de-identified aggregate data reports. These might include a specific study or for all participants with a particular medical condition.

SPINN Analytics and Reporting includes Opt-in / Opt-out features appropriate to Personal Health Records.

SPINNphr Clinical Access

SPINNphr Clinical Access module allows physicians, nurses and clinical staff to view and access information in a patient’s Personal Health Record. The presentation is optimized to present personal health information including home health observations such as glucose levels, weight, and blood pressure as well as information from other sources not otherwise available through EMR systems. Viewing access is allowed according to user permissions controlled by the patient. The SPINNphr Clinical Viewer can be incorporated into other information portals.

The SPINNphr Clinical Viewer supports the Dossia and HealthVault PHR platforms.

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