Nobuna's opinion towards Yoshiharu was originally very blunt, when he saved her life from an enemy's spear she repaid him by sparing his life from Katsuie and after he managed to empty a lake she ordered him to empty in order to prove there wasn't a dragon god in it she accepted him as a footsoldier. Her opinion of his spikes even higher after he uses his one wish, which Nobuna had to grant, to prevent her marriage to Nagamasa(Katsuie had believed that if Yoshiharu won he would take Nobuna instead, and that she had to protect her from both him and Nagamasa), During this particular instance, Katsuie is visibly seen hugging Yoshiharu. Mitsuhide is immensely sharp at this, realising their feelings quickly after they became and item and interfering with them whenever they're alone. He is also depicted wielding a spear, a bow, and riding a horse in a full suit of armour at different times, indicating the fact that he actually does eventually fight in the novels. On top of that, he's also occasionally quite foul-mouthed, most notably towards Azai Nagamasa, whom Yoshiharu insults nearly every chance he gets. Katsuie, who was about to strike down Yoshimoto, was forced to let her live as a result of Yoshiharu's unwanted breast-fondling. According to Zenki, Yoshiharu's most impressive trait is to inadvertantly cause himself woman troubles. Synopsis: The Ambition of Oda Nobuna is a gender swapped r She wears a tiger skin wrapped around her waist, over a black hakama with yellow trim at the bottom, and white tabi with zōri. The brother-sister like relationship between Yoshiharu and Date Murasame should also be noted: Date Masamune in real-life complied to Hideyoshi's leadership after some initial refusal; his incarnation in-universe is a young girl who looked up to Yoshiharu as a big brother and seemed to obey Yoshiharu's words to a degree. The historical romantic comedy follows 17-year-old high schooler Sagara Yoshiharu who one day time-travels to the Sengoku period, where all the major Samurai lords are cute girls. Yoshiharu is a very kind and caring character. Nobuna recruits Sagara, who she dubs "Monkey," to help her in her quest to rule the world. Firstly, her mother is at the top of a long list of people who cannot understand Nobuna's vision. Below is a list of the most significant of her relationships. Unbeknownst to them, however, Yoshitatsu has rigged the valley with explosives. Yoshiharu initially met Giovanna when he was forced to duel her by Kazumasu in order to conquer Ise Spanish Isle. He also seems to prefer to call her by her other name, "Katsuchiyo", partly because that was her alias when they first met. Organtino immediately accepts Yoshiharu's having come from the future, but Yoshiharu could not honestly tell him the answer to his question about how well Christianity will fair in Japan and simply tells him to try to make his own future. As their relationship develops later in the story she finds excuses around this, such as embracing him to "ease his heavy heart". Nagamasa has noted that Katsuie is probably so openly hostile to Yoshiharu specifically because she's fallen for him, she also seems to be openly annoyed whenever he gets along with other girls, for example, she very much disliked how he managed to bring Louise Frois over to their side, despite not even knowing what the relationship between the two of them was even like. However, in some cases, she can be very impatient, such as when she steps on Sagara's face, out of annoyance, because he took to long to introduce himself; and can also be very violent. She got the idea of her "Jakigan" from him after he mentioned it and revealed to her the truth of her Hetero-chromatic eyes, and shockingly puts it to genuinely good use in psychological warfare later on. During their attempt to rescue Kuroda Kanbei, Zenki realized that Hanbei's power was no longer sufficient to keep him in the living world and that he would return to the afterlife next time he was "killed". He is saved by the legendary Hideyoshi Toyotomi, but at the cost of the … 0. This experience left her hating liars and hypocrites, as well as being the most likely the cause of her disbelief in gods and buddha. Originally happy for Nobuna's little brother, Yoshiharu's jealousy and pure rage towards Nobusumi spiked again when Nobusumi casually mentioned that he'd gotten Oichi pregnant. Yoshiharu is himself based on (and acting in place of) Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second unifier., Long length and tied up at the end with a red ribbon. Nagahide is stated to be like an older sister to Nobuna, and she is both aware of Nobuna's feelings for Yoshiharu from day one and highly supportive of their relationship from then on. This extends later to their flirting with Yoshiharu, where he considers Kanbei to be still a child and Kanbei notices and he doesn't think that way of Hanbei any longer. Oda Nobuna (織田信奈) is the general, as well as princess of the Oda clan, and ruler of the Owari Province. Finally, after seeing his devotion to Nobuna, Hanbei developed feelings for him she could not understand, and would seem to hint that these are feelings of jealousy. The dynamics between the two are quite strong, as Yoshiharu was almost heartbroken when he thought she died and she has proven herself to be willing to take a bullet for him. He is trusted by the Viper in return, though Dousan is his usual stubborn self in showing it. Being the main female character of the series Nobuna has formed a number of relationships with several characters throughout the story. Later, in Kyoto, he was the one who she embraced when Hanbei mentioned curses in the city and scared her, which caused Nobuna to kick her. The slight hostility between Yoshiharu and Katsuie was also a note to the real life situation. Initially Juubei maintained an air of admiration and a strong senpai/kouhai relationship towards Yoshiharu, after meeting him she even called him famous for his "build a castle in a day" strategy and immediately blushed when meeting him. Sentai Filmworks has announced the license of The Ambition of Oda Nobuna. Her feelings since then are acted upon when the opportunity strikes, but the two acknowledge their social standings are different and try to conceal their relationship. Other warlords, some dangerous in their own right, who have seen her in a vengeful mood genuinely cannot bring themselves to recognize her as the same person, except for Takeda Shingen, who is rather similar in that respect since she plays the role of Katsuichiyo in her normal life. Oda Nobuna no Yabou Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Later on, due to her feelings for Yoshiharu, this manifests far worse, which let leads to indifference and becomes outright aggression. After this, she managed to regain her calm mindset and attacked Takeda again, this time yielding much better results. Nobuna is a fairly young woman with a lean frame. Whenever another character has pointed Yoshiharu out as being harmful to Nobuna's goal he has either fallen totally silent or openly agreed with them. He is also a gifted merchant and has managed to use the resources at his disposal, namely Goemon, the Kawanami group and his own knowledge of trading from his old games, to smuggle rice and amass a small fortune behind the scenes, as a result he's more wealthy than anyone of his rank should be early on in the series. At the end of episode 2, he swears his loyalty to her, in a European Knight manner. Similarly, she is also aware of Jūbei's feelings towards Yoshiharu, which has led to a rivalry between them, on top of some occasional teaming up to punish his lecherous side. Prior her ambitions to unify, some of Nobuna's decisions were reversed by her retainer, Sagara Yoshiharu due to Yoshiharu's non-violent nature. She became the leader after the death of her father. He has studied Japanese history thoroughly, from multiple sources, hinted when he claims he's never seen the Battle Of Okehazama depicted as being fought on a mountain. Takigawa initially took an interest in Yoshiharu after the rumors about him and Nobuna. Naturally the monks knew this wouldn't work and were just trying to get money from them, this enraged Nobuna, who locked them all away and burned their cell down. He is a talented negotiator, having managed to convince Saitou Dousan to surrender Mino using his knowledge of the future, it's worth saying that even with said knowledge he still had to guess Dousan's own mindset from a passing comment that the man was historically said to have made. After being rescued she cried and fell asleep in Yoshiharu's arms. At one point, he effectively had Inabayama Castle in his clutches, all he would have to do would be to kill Hanbei herself and it would be her's, the fact that he never thought of this nor considered it when she herself brought it up further provided her reasons to trust in him. Despite their role as master and subordinate Yoshiharu does not treat her any differently than he would his superiors, which is to say he speaks to her as a friend and not a retainer. He is fiercely protective of her, as he is with all of his subordinates. She has a heart-shaped face with big brown eyes. Sagara Yoshiharu (相良良晴) is an advisor to Oda Nobuna, after he saves her from a cavalry of incoming enemy troops. Daimyo (Volume 8). One of her other names is Kichi (吉 Kichi). At the very least the two are close friends. When they meet again she goes so far as to offer him the finest of her female generals of Kai, or even herself, and then all of them as well as herself, in order to get him to join her side. He is willing to lie to her to protect her, as he knew in his future's history that she would likely die fighting against the Mori clan and chose to keep the grim possibilities to himself, because she would actually go and do it: Shikanosuke tends to pray for suffering rather than victory, again, he suspects she's a masochist. Unfortunately for them the rumors spread quickly, even to other Daimyō such as Asakura Yoshikage, who still targets Nobuna personally. He also appears to have been on fairly close terms with his mother, which comes up in a fever dream when he's in a near death state and is later pointed out to both Nobuna and Bontenmaru (the future Date Masamune). However, after Yoshiharu defended her from the rants of the Harima noble's, which bothered her for years, she has begun to open up to him and acknowledge him for his effort. the subsequent death of Saitou Dousan and realisation of her own feelings left Yoshiharu as the only man left in her life who truly understands her and they ended up secretly entering a relationship, unfortunately somehow the whole country found out overnight though. He has brown eyes, and short-medium length brown hair that is somewhat wavy at the top, but falls down straight at the sides. Should Yoshiharu die or betray her trust (usually not on purpose), she will become cold, cruel, vengeful and hostile, enough to literally burn a temple, or several, to the ground with little provocation. Nobuna gets along with Saitou Dōsan very well, due to the fact that he is one of the few men in the world who could ever comprehend her ambition and understand her, however, she also finds him annoying when he acts like a lecher the first time they met. Finally, it was only after watching him predict Saitou Dōsan's thoughts that she believed he might be from the future as he claimed and began to truly warm up to him. It is also shown in the series that Yoshiharu has a weakness for cute girls, as shown in several occasions, such as in episode 4 when the Oda army ambushes Yoshimoto Imagawa's camp. When Saitou Dousan later died in the novels Nobuna was left with only one crutch left, Yoshiharu, who Dōsan himself entrusted with taking care of her after he passed. At first being something of a Tsundere, she eventually acknowledges her feelings for Yoshiharu and accepts his own, this event is marked by him saving her from Asakura Yoshikage and later unfortunately by the illness-induced death of Saitō Dōsan. Yoshiharu is a young man of average height, with a slim build. Nobuna also has no problem swindling Katsuie, once giving her a dirt quality tea set and claiming it to be worth all of Mino, and Katsuie has absolutely no problem believing it. Whenever she has to go through something particularly heartbreaking, such as executing her brother or letting someone she cares about die due to circumstances, she will close her heart. He mentioned to Yoshiharu how the latter was more or less his first friend since returning to this world and that it was Yoshiharu who reminded him of his humanity, finally, as Ukita Naoie managed to catch them, Zenki shielded Yoshiharu with the last of his strength, losing his physical form, and still held on long enough to guide him to Hanbei before his soul faded away. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna: | | | The Ambition of Oda Nobuna | | | | ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the … This event, and the successful independence of Mikawa, has left some impression on Hanzo, as he seems to have grown to respect Yoshiharu somewhat. Even the threat of death in battle does not seem to completely break his calm. Her relationship with her mother seems particularly bad as a result of it she perceives her friends and retainers as family rather than servants and hates to see them quarrel. During the month before the Retreat at Kanegasaki, he finally seemed to master horse riding as he appeared before Nobukatsu on horseback and departed without anyone else to do the job for him. She asks him who he is, having utterly forgotten their previous encounter, and promptly accepts to surrender. *** [[spoiler: In light novel volume 7, hearing of Yoshiharu's death at the hands of Date Masamune's Oshu army, Nobuna and Mitsuhide resolve to go on a suicide mission to avenge him.]] Alongside Mitsuhide, she didn't want to let him stay in the back during the retreat from Kanegasaki, as he would most likely die, she noted she wanted to help him as thanks for him helping her country become independent, but was finally convinced to leave by him when he told her that she is the only person who can lead the country once Nobuna unites it. After Yoshiharu first saved her life when they met on the battlefield Nobuna kept him around as her subordinate nicknaming him Saru for his monkey-like appearance and personality. On the contrary, because of how Nobuna had spread false information that affected Yoshiharu's image negatively, Yoshiharu had buried his face into Shingen's well endowed breasts which further confused Shingen. She may develop and harbour feelings towards him over time, which Nagamasa points out and Katsuie herself can't 100% deny, however her feelings of admiration towards Nobuna are ultimately strong as well and she hates how close the two of them are while she herself wants to be close to Nobuna. Yoshiharu might be the only person who could actually talk the stubborn Dousan down and reason with him, not once but twice in fact. They have repeatedly even attempted to cement their relationship, however they're interrupted every time by some unforeseen intrusion(Usually Juubei). He also appears to possess great charisma. Yoshiharu however could not accept such an end and, upon realising the only way to save her is to take a powerful spiritual item which is considered the single most sacred artifact in the entire country, he resolves to steal it, potentially making an enemy out of the entire country and all of its warlords to save her and Kanbei. Yoshiharu shows a lot of trust in Kanbei unconditionally, even being willing to tell her, Hanbei and Goemon, about the Incident at Honnou-ji. However Yoshiharu noted that Nobukatsu is only at a "cute" level compared to Nobuna, and doesn't seem to think badly of him despite him and his retainers constantly hindering and taunting him during his job. During her father's dying days, she and the rest of the clan brought in a number of monks to help cure him with their prayers and methods, when he later died, she killed the monks. Nobuna/Oda Nobuna no Yabou the most blue-blooded person should rule Japan Confusion warning: since this series in! She has what many might consider to be a flamboyant fashion sense. She usually quite friendly and approachable. Nobuna and Katsuie leads most of the Oda army to Kisogawa. Yoshiharu is quite curious about how she resembles Empress Himiko and was born with similar powers, but he ignores it since it does not even appear that she actually knows about it either. She also wears green-blue colure… If ever Yoshiharu were to actually die, betray her or be taken away from her, she would immediately become the demon king in personality and would go so far as to burn a temple to the ground(Nearly did it twice in fact) in revenge. when they first met Hanzo tried to kill him on orders from Imagawa Yoshimoto and even found him a worthy opponent because he could evade his techniques. The identity, Oichi, was continued to be used as it was now adopted by Nagamasa, whose death was faked so she can together be with Nobukatsu who returns to his male identity. Finally, Nobuna faked the death of Nagamasa, Nobukatsu's wife, by turning "her" gold encrusted skull into a cup, her mother was appalled and enraged by this, as well as Nobuna promoting Yoshiharu to Daimyo instead of her own blood brother. Later, as Mitsuhide develops feelings towards Yoshiharu and they become increasingly more obvious, their situation ends up mixing itself around, now, rather than Juubei fighting Yoshiharu to stand at Nobuna's side, she is equally obsessed with becoming Yoshiharu's bride and is now competing with Nobuna herself to that effect. Due to her apparently "M"-personality, Shikanosuke more or less seems genuinely happy with the idea of becoming Yoshiharu's slave, literally. Nobuna is a fairly young woman with a lean frame. In this world, all the famous warlords of the era are female. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna 11 *spoilers* Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. The cult in question was so hung up on him staying with them that it almost erupted in a war with Nobuna and Juubei. Nobukatsu and Yoshiharu's relationship was initially founded upon mutual dislike, Yoshiharu disliked Nobukatsu for his opinion of his older sister, which was painted by his mother and his retainers, and Nobukatsu hated Yoshiharu for hitting him, a thing which is amazing Yoshiharu got away with. After Katsuie stopped the rebellions and Yoshiharu prevented her from executing her brother, the two have made up, with Nobukatsu becoming wholly loyal to his sister(and Yoshiharu, who he seems to look up to and feels indebted to for saving him.) About. Contributor . The Ambition of Oda Nobuna Synopsis. Nobuna was nearly forced to send Yoshiharu away based on her own terms, but was pre-empted by him leaving. Her mother has frequently dotted on her younger brother, and arguably is the cause of both of his previous rebellions and nearly causing Nobuna to have to kill him. Yoshiharu has recently started refering to Hanbei by her name, which Zenki seems to think means that he has taken to seeing her as a woman instead of a mere child. In the Light Novels, however, Yoshiharu does regularly wear era-fitting attire. The full twelve episode run is now available for subscribers on The Anime Network to check out and enjoy. Later, when Yoshiharu prevents Nobuna from executing Nobukatsu, Katsuie is both shocked and amazed by his bravery, or sheer stupidity, but goes back to hating him when he stares at her chest later on.

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