He didn’t know what he would have done if their meeting had ended badly. Who Killed Henry? Supporters Sapnap You can post your memes, screenshots, art and whatever you want as long as it's related to Henry Stickmin! After all, Sapnap had killed his cow- no, no, his friend, -which was an unforgivable crime. Fundy's attitude immediately switched as he yelled that he wouldn't have dared said that if all of the other L'manburgians were there, and that Sapnap only said that because Sapnap, along with Punz and Karl, surrounded him and were ready to kill him. If Fundy won, he would keep Sapnap's pets, get his items back, and Sapnap must leave L'Manberg. In addition to winning the items, Sapnap would be banned from L'Manberg. Who was the owner of Henry? Sapnap accidentally kills Henry with fall damage, with Karl as the sole witness. Male In the case, Sapnap argued against George by stating that George had started the conflict by stealing Joffrey. THAT'S JUST TOO FAR! she joins the vc with the dream team in it "hiii everyone!" He dug into them and found the bunker with all the animals, taking the animals hostage to an unknown location and leaving Kristen behind as a warning. U and niki are like allies and technoblade haha. Sapnap and Karl, who were engaged to marry with a wooden Eiffel Tower as their honeymoon spot, attempt to kidnap Henry. Both Tommy and Niki found out, and were angered by it. Punz, who usually acted as a soldier for others in wars, had to face a problem alone for once during The Bee Game, and we got to see how smart and manipulative Fundy was and could be despite him not appearing as so. Sapnap also played a role in the arson of Tubbo's Old House, the bombing of the L'Manberg Embassy, and the raid of Tubbo's Jungle Base. Connereatspants. Sapnap's relationship with Dream further decreased during the Doomsday War, in which Sapnap fought alongside Tommy rather than Dream. "WH- NO! "It was Bad, duh." He also kills one of Tommy's pet cows, Harold, outside of the holiday home. It was always burning since the worlds been turning. Tommy attempted to convince Sapnap to join his side and vote for POG2020, but Sapnap told Tommy that he must publicly denounce Fundy first for his vote. How did dream die? IGN Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Sapnap acted as a leading role in many other conflicts such as the The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower; The Nihachu-Tommy dynamic was displayed once again during The War of the Burning Eiffel Tower after Sapnap killed Henry. No. However, he wanted to overthrow him and exploit, Sapnap has killed the largest amount of pets on the Dream SMP so far. You're about to get your result. Tommy went on to diss and insult Sapnap, but he never did anything in retaliation. More of this development was confirmed and displayed later in other conflicts on the server. Get up to 50% off. He is a bit of a class clown type, and can seem a bit stupid at times. White or transparent. Sapnap and Fundy preparing to fight in a duel They are very affectionate together, bonding whenever they're near each other, Sapnap has claimed that they love each other more than they love Karl, saying that Quackity is loved more by Sapnap than Karl, though it is done jokingly. In addition to killing the enderman, he also took and burned the diamond block on Fungi's grave. He also found out Dream blew up The Community House. Sapnap fought alongside the people of L'Manberg to fight off the Hound Army and combat the withers spawned by Philza and Technoblade. Date Despite the duel largely resolving the conflict of the, Sapnap supported Schlatt. The two often tease each other. Tubbo. "It was a fucking cow Tommy, and I didn't kill him he died," Sapnap shot back, shaking his head. The confrontation ended with Sapnap being among the people to drag Dream to the Prison. (However content relating to Henry Stickman is NOT allowed!) Hint. Sapnap was last seen taking Dream to the Prison, along with Awesamdude and Badboyhalo. Tommyinnit. After Dream's announcement that he would destroy L'Manberg alongside Technoblade, Sapnap was left in a state of indecision, explaning that he didn't know how he felt about fighting his best friend if he chose to side with L'Manberg. Things started spiraling out of control, as Sapnap and Fundy kept getting at each other and making things worse. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. At the end, he mirrored the events of Fundy's bee game, he taking Niki's fish and threatened to burn them and telling Fundy to pick one. Who killed Henry? https://dreamteam.fandom.com/wiki/The_Pet_War?oldid=33282. Tubbo. When Sapnap kills yet another animal (how?!) BEES: Tubbo: 97%. Fundy ended up manipulating everyone there to make them believe that Punz was in the wrong, which resulted in a small portion of his tower being destroyed. After the election, Sapnap continued his role as an anarchist on the server. First president of L'manberg: Wilbur soot: 95%. Sapnap. Minecart. Continue The Lyrics, I heard there was a special place. After a deal with Tommy to end all future conflicts and become allies, Sapnap released Mars into the ocean per Tommy's request. "You killed Henry!" In the early days of the SMP, Sapnap built his house near The Community House. Upon being ignored, he regrouped with Punz, noting that Punz was in mere diamond armor instead of his netherite. Who killed Henry? Conflicts "so whens the war?" Sapnap tortures and kills Fundy and Niki's fox, Fungi, sparking The Pet War. Sapnap ordered Dream to step back and protected the two from him. He smiled like that when he looked back over his shoulder and asked Sapnap to 'please don’t kill Henry'. Sapnap kills Nikki’s fox Fungi - (and one of Tommy’s cows) - Niki was furious. Sapnap, even angrier at the L’manbergians, demanded for Fundy again. On August 25th, Sapnap was toying with Niki's fox, Fungi where he was continuously firing shots with his bow right next to the fox as a game. Status: Alive Lives left: 1 Info: President of L’Manberg Alliances: Quackity, Fundy, George, Karl, Sapnap, L’Manberg Important events: Exiled Tommy, thus gaining a form of respect from … It was also the first conflict where Sapnap took a leading role. Sapnap has been involved in: The Disc War, the L’manburg War, the Railway Skirmish, the Pet War, the Battle of the Lake, the Second Pet War, the Final Pet War, the Manberg-Pogtopia War and the Mexican L’manburg Revolution, meaning that he has been a part of literally every major war on the server, more than any other player. Sapnap is hot-headed and stubborn, and fiercely loyal. In his wrath of anger, Sapnap killed Fundy's Enderman, who had resided Fundy's house for a long time. Connereatspants. I've got clips from the early days including Mr. Squeegee and Spirit, and later stuff like Tubbo's bee Spunz. Tommy was given Mars during, Sketchers was Sapnap's favorite pet fox. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. sapnaps pretty ooc here but eh i wanted to write evil sapnap lol; big brother techno too weeeeeee; Summary. Fundy and Niki ran off in the direction that Dream and Sapnap had ran off, and after only about 30 seconds, Fundy found four odd looking pieces of dirt. Fundy watched it over several times, and he pointed out the tiniest purple pixels and an orange one, indicating that it was Dream and Sapnap with a fox. "tommy, don't give up! To Ant's credit, he merely looked Sapnap up and down before staring directly into his eyes and uttering the smoothest lie that Tommy had ever heard. snapchat ate henry!" Karl Jacobs (Fiancé) Quackity (Fiancé)[2] THEY KILLED SKETCHERS??? As a citizen, Sapnap worked to expand the platform of the nation. Builds Commanders After the. Niki was still angry, but they decided to give the fish back to Dream, who put them in his ender chest. It was updated on June 13, 2020.] Early on in the war, Sapnap tried to stop Wilbur and Tommy from dealing drugs, but then ended up asking for them. Continue The Lyrics, We didnt start the fire! "WH- NO! Tommy shouted, an accusing finger conning out to point at the boy. On the day of the results, Sapnap was not present and had to be filled in on the events. First president of L'manberg. The Disc Saga (Tommy's side)Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War (Dream Team SMP)The Railway Skirmish (Dream's side)The Pet WarThe Manberg Rebellion (Initially third party, later Dream SMP)The War of the Burning Eiffel TowerThe Dethronement Fallout (George's side)Mexican L'Manberg political protest (Mexican L'Manberg). Awesamdude's baseSapnap's secret basePastCommunity HouseSapnap's House He, along with George and Quackity, plotted to develop Mexican L'Manberg and attack Dream to restore George's power. Sapnap, in a discussion with Karl, BadBoyHalo, and Skeppy, mentioned that he would create a third party that would wait for both sides of the conflict to be weakened and then strike and take power of Manberg. During the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, Sapnap joined Dream in the battle against the secession. Sapnap kills Nikki’s fox Fungi - (and one of Tommy’s cows) - Niki was furious. Punz: Beenus, all his armor, a bit of his tower. Sapnap Sapnap, seeing that his pets were missing was furious, yelled for Fundy. "sophia stop screaming at tommy i can hear it from my room." Sapnap. I've got clips from the early days including Mr. Squeegee and Spirit, and later stuff like Tubbo's bee Spunz. Mars (In Sapnap‘s possession)Sketchers (Deceased)Joffrey (Deceased) In the end however, Sapnap and Fundy were able to redeem themselves and solve their problems, with Fundy changing his motive from just getting revenge, to getting justice for Niki and Fungi, and Sapnap returning the fish. After dueling over Juorse and Mars, Sapnap expressed his respect to Tommy. After The Exile Conflict, Sapnap found out about Dream's monologue to Tommy about his relationship with the discs. However, after Tommy refused Sapnap's offers due to distrust, Sapnap returned to violence, killing Juorse. Tommy kidnapped Beckerson on August 25, 2020 in retaliation to Sapnap killing Fungi. you encourage. Default Outfit BEES. After the events and the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Sapnap promised to be an ally of Tommy. Sapnap and Karl, who were engaged to marry with a wooden Eiffel Tower as their honeymoon spot, attempt to kidnap Henry. After Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave, Fundy challenged Sapnap for a 1v1 duel to end the war. During the argument, Fundy put on a cocky attitude and made fun of Beenus' death in front of Punz, who still partially believed Beenus was alive. When Fundy finally responded, Sapnap demanded his pets be returned in order to save 'drip but brown'. Sapnap and the rest of the Dream Team knew that they had to hide all the remaining animals. Fundy said that some of the pets may have perished in an attempt to scare him, but the statement only infuriated Sapnap more, leading him to ask for a number while killing many of Niki's chickens. -The Pet War- Fundy VS Sapnap Duel (Dream SMP). After all, Sapnap had killed his cow- no, no, his friend, -which was an unforgivable crime. Around this time, Niki came on and Tommy told her what happened to Fungi. Minecart. Fundy Who was the owner of Henry? During the Doomsday War, Tommy rescued Mars from the ocean in an attempt to gain Sapnap's trust and help during the battle, which worked. He helped Tommy multiple times and they seemed to have trust in each other. Wilbur soot. Other information This conflict was Niki's first war, and the first war where Fundy took a leading role. Sapnap won the duel, and while Fundy was feeling sad and angry, Sapnap held Nihachu's fish and made it look like he was going to burn it, setting up netherrack similar to what Fundy did during his bee game. "thats the thing, dream and them want war but we dont have anything." tommy nervous laughs, climbing the reverse coaster. So: Sapnap kills pets on the Dream SMP. Welcome to the unofficial Henry Stickmin Subreddit! The day before the final confrontation, Tommy approached Sapnap and asked for Technoblade's Axe of Peace, which came into Sapnap's possession during the Doomsday War. Sapnap became somewhat peaceful, only using violence as a joke with his friends or as a last resort when diplomacy failed. Fundy also had great attachment to Fungi, causing him to want proper revenge, so he convinced Niki to help him. Vikkstar. Allegiance i'm not- we're not scared of you," sapnap said. Fundy retaliated by ordering Nihachu to kill Sapnap's favorite fox, Sketchers, and in retribution, Sapnap killed Fundy's enderman. Tommy proceeded to break all of the windows in Sapnap… Members. tommy and him get into a screaming match, which turns into a 1 v 4 (tommy vs skeppy, bad, sapnap, and ant). Niki: Fungi various chickens, kidnapping of her fish. So: Sapnap kills pets on the Dream SMP. [3]. Instead, Sapnap accidentally kills Henry with fall damage. Karl is one of Sapnap's two fiancés. However, Beckerson was George's pet. This started because Sapnap tries to Kidnap Tommy’s pet cow “Henry” in the Dream SMP. How did dream die? Sapnap was then challenged by Fundy to a 1v1 duel to resolve this whole dispute, and the conditions were that if Sapnap won, he would get his pets back, and Fundy would accept defeat and move on. Tommy proceeded to break all of the windows in Sapnap… "so whens the war?" Eats pants. sophia thought for a second, "shoot, hold on." This causes Tommy to become super furious and he goes to dream, Niki, BadBoyHalo, and Skeppy to get them all on his side to take revenge from Sapnap. Philza. He refuses to back down from a fight and enjoys causing chaos by playing pranks on others. Punz then gave Sapnap Fundy's 'drip but brown' as leverage, and Sapnap repeated his demand for Fundy once more, now threatening to burn the drip. ... Tommy’s precious cow Henry, Tommy is sad/enraged and does some griefing which leads him into a little war against Sapnap, BadboyHalo, Skeppy and also Antfrost (who rather recently joined the server). Tommyinnit. How Old Is Dream This Year? This was the formal declaration of the Pet war. El Rapids (current) L'Manberg (past) Manberg (past)Rutabagville (past)Dream SMP (past) He wears a t-shirt with a flame design on it over a long-sleeved black tee, black pants, and black sneakers. Both sides were arguably in the wrong throughout the course of the war. Sapnap’s Second Pet War where he fought the Battle of the Lake against Dream, Techno and Tommy after killing Henry by accident, and Tommy gaining Mars - the one thing Sapnap … 14.8k. How did dream die? Tommyinnit's God. Tommyinnit. After Quackity formed a new nation from the platform, Sapnap joined as a citizen. Sapnap then told Fundy to stand still against a block and caged him in, leaving one block so Fundy could see what he was about to do. Sapnap started The Disc Saga indirectly after he unintentionally burnt down most of Ponk's second Lemon Tree, invoking a response from Ponk and Alyssa. Quackity is one of Sapnap's two fiancés. The Pet War He was the antagonist of multiple events involving the killing of pets such as The Pet War, Battle of the Lake, The Second Pet War, and The Final Pet War. He witnessed Tommy explaining how Dream was the one who blew up The Community House and was shocked to find Beckerson the fish among the "attachments" Dream had collected or planned to collect from the members of SMP, along with a frame for his own fish, Mars. "thats the thing, dream and them want war but we dont have anything."shoot." "sapnap killed henry." Sapnap then ignited the TNT, blowing up Fungi's grave. However, it was only merely paused. sophia joins the vc with the dream team in it "hiii everyone!" However, Fundy had found them and took them hostage, and after some confrontation, Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave in front of Fundy to try to get his pets back, but failed. Human BEES. After George stole Sapnap's horse, Joffery, Sapnap accidentally killed it while attempting to punch George. Tommy’s precious cow Henry, Tommy is sad/enraged and does some griefing which leads him into a little war against Sapnap, BadboyHalo, Skeppy and also Antfrost (who rather recently joined the server). But during this Sapnap accidentally kills it. Niki: Fungi various chickens, kidnapping of her fish(later returned)Fundy: Fungi, Leonard, drip but brown, long shlongSapnap: Sketchers, kidnapping of pets (later returned)Punz: Beenus, all his armor, a bit of his tower.Tommy: Harold Is Dream Older Than George? During the Dreamon Invasion, Sapnap was interrogated by the Dreamon Hunters due to his close ties with Dream. Henry Bowers is the secondary antagonist of the Stephen King novel It, its 1990 miniseries, and its 2017 film adaptation. They fought alongside each other in both. Tommyinnit's God. During the election, Sapnap was an important swing vote. This disturbed Sapnap, but Sapnap ultimately stayed loyal to Dream. After winning the 1v1, Sapnap expressed respect for Tommy and listened to him. After hiding the Dream Team's pets, they found a bee and named it Beelloon, but Sapnap soon logged on, forcing them to hide Beeloon underground in a secret bunker. Niki wanted to calm him down and deescalate by telling him about Sapnap's apology, but failed. Dream Team Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. "HEY, HEY, we can talk about this!" Dreams sister name (according to Tommy) Drista: 80%. Later on, Tommy gave Mars, Sapnap's pet fish, back to him, apologizing for making him release it during the Final Pet War and asking for Sapnap to fight with them during the Doomsday War. Tommyinnit's God. I was kinda sad for Skeppy and badboyhalo cause I love them XD I watch sapnap but he killed Henry sooooi. Species BEES. Tommy confronted Sapnap the next day, and Tommy's anger lead to a battle between Sapnap and Tommy. Tommyinnit: 96%. Sapnap and Dream executed Tommy and Tubbo in response to the Declaration of Independence, and seconds later, Dream declared war on L'Manberg. Even more than Tommy. Rate and Share this quiz on the next page! Tommy’s precious cow Henry, Tommy is sad/enraged and does some griefing which leads him into a little war against Sapnap, BadboyHalo, Skeppy and also Antfrost (who rather recently joined the server). For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Sapnap. sapnap had killed henry, tommy's cow, during one of his streams and tommy wanted blood, so he and dream tried to fight against sapnap and his team, until tommy brought tubbo, techno, and darling into the battle. However, this all started to go downhill after Tommy burned down George's summer house. Sapnap has killed the largest amount of pets on the Dream SMP so far. "It was Bad, duh." Dreamon Hunter This includes Fungi, jhorse, Harold, Henry, Fundy’s Enderman, and Spirit. He found out that Dream had collected Beckerson the fish and was planning to collect Mars, Sapnap's pet fish. After killing Juorse, Sapnap, with the help of Dream and Georg, staged a suicide to regain Tommy's attention and directed him to his secret base where Sapnap housed his pets. This fact was not unnoticed by Technoblade, who pointed this out during the Doomsday War, saying that killing pets was Sapnap's "thing". Sapnap's allegiances began to change, and by the end of the Dethroning Fallout, considered himself an honorary L'Manbergian. I don't think he meant to kill him but, he did." But during this Sapnap accidentally kills it. The war was officially over, and the server lived to see another day. Beckerson was retrieved by Sapnap and now belongs to him. Tubbo. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone, so please refrain from doing so at any point. Sketchers was killed by, Beckerson is the first named fish in the Dream Team SMP, named after a donator. After Dream learned about the kidnappings of the fish, he logged on and asked for them back, Niki however, didn't want to give them back until they at least got an apology. Punz They argue and hunt each other a lot, but at the end of the day, they care about each other. ... Tommy’s precious cow Henry, Tommy is sad/enraged and does some griefing which leads him into a little war against Sapnap, BadboyHalo, Skeppy and also Antfrost (who rather recently joined the server). After Tommy and Ranboo burned George's house, Beckerson disappeared.

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