Pokémon Black 2 MARATHON IS ON! Last Edited: 11 Oct 2012 4:14 am. Meet Iris. Leader: Drayden. Though to be honest, at this point your team should all be at least Level 60, so as long as you have an Ice or Steel type, they should be able to pretty much wipe out the challengers.When you enter the Greeter greets you with the traditional Fresh Water, and then shares a few strategy tips with you about the Pokemon you will face inside. Winning the 8th Gym Badge. Behind the Gym Leader, there's a w… I recommend having Skarmory on your team for this gym, because it is resistant to many of the moves that you will encounter here. Leave!In the building on the left side of the city is a group of trainers who talk about props, and one of them will gift you with a Gift Box! You can get a different prop from him each real life day, so head back if you like props... Upstairs is an ex-Team Plasma Grunt you can chat with, and a so-so Trainer who thinks Plasma may be on to something... To the north is the City Gym, and directly next to it is a house with a Trainer who will gift you with a Destiny Knot hold item. Drayden's house is located at the center of the city, northwest of the Pokémon Center. He thinks you might be a safer guardian, but just as that is about to be said, the Shadow Triad appears and steals them!They have actually left town on Route 11, so chase after them there and you will find the first still in the city, standing at the gate! Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Thonky. Pokemon Black 2 Opelucid City - Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide Follow ProVictini Donate - bit.ly Twitter - twitter.com Skype - jake.newamberlin Side note if you donate you get a shout out in my videos :) and if you donate over .00 you will get a shout out & get boxed for two weeks. Pokemon Black 2: www.youtube.com Last Video Part 33 Legend Badge, Gym Leader Drayden Battle: www.youtube.com Remember to like Comment & Share if you are enjoying this marathon! Gym Information¶ Type: Dragon. View Full-sizeOpelucid City Head west out of the gate and you’ll see Iris. It means that it is time to head back to town for an epic Gym Battle and scoring your 7th Gym Badge! â–² Follow ProVictini Donate - bit.ly Twitter - twitter.com Skype - jake.newamberlin Side note if you donate you get a shout out in my videos :) and if you donate over .00 … Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Guide: Toggle navigation: Walkthrough . In these games, the team is Team Plasma once again, having been re-risen under new leadership in order to achieve their dream . Drayden gifts you with TM82, Dragon Tail, and then asks you to go to the Pokemon League after Alder because he has doubts that Alder will be strong enough to deal with the threat posed by N. To exit step on the glowing green pad behind him, and you will teleport to the entrance! © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2021. And play...  And play...  And when you get tired? Near the entrance, Clyde will give you a Fresh Water and give you some advice: use Ice and Dragon moves against Dragon-type pokémon. 1.1 Main Storyline; 1.2 Post-Game; 1 .3 See Also; Sections Main Storyline. All donations will go towards better equipment for my channel. When you arrive in town Alder is waiting for you, and he walks you to the back of the crowd so you can watch Ghetsis discretely as he tries to get Trainers to join Plasma...   Thankfully it does not work on the Trainers here, and they do not abandon their Pokemon. He explains the workings of the Gym -- the switches and all -- and then we head north for our first AGL battle! The first order of the day is to take care of the AGL's, so enter the Gym and take the Fresh Water from the Greeter. Last Edited: 10 Oct 2012 9:39 pm. Basically he will gift you with a different prop each day, so you might want to remember to visit him each day if you like props.In the center of the town next to the Pokemon Center is Drayden's house – upstairs is a trainer who will gift you with a Float Stone, while the trainer on the other side of the table gifts you with a Ring Target. I hope that love shows throughout the following mass of text, as I guide you through the many aspects of Pokemon B/W 2. This is the final Gym, so be ready for a fair number of challenging fights ahead. Drayden explains that the Light Stone you are holding will wake up the Dragon, and then he tells you the whole story -- a complicated one worthy of the signature of an epic bard...  Was there a previous Unova that was destroyed by the dragons? Whoa! So if you need to fill your reserves for any of those this is the place to do it. Marriland 82,002 views. Go upstairs and play their game. Sure, it adds hours to the game, but hey, you Gotta Catch 'Em All!– Shopping Mall Nine –When you chat with the first trainer inside you learn that Meds are sold on the first floor, Mail and TM's on the second, and stat and battle items on the third floor. Page Tools. Opelucid City Gym is a Dragon-type gym. - … Head into the Tube and make your way through, the trainer in pink has TM42 Facade for you. // --> Use it to find the hidden PP Max to your west.